Oct 17, 2009

Around the World Party!

Last night B and I went to an "Around the World" party at four houses downtown. The houses were decorated as four different countries: Mexico, Germany, Jamaica, and the USA. There were also drinks and food from at each country and some of us dressed up. We stayed at each "country" for an hour, and a little longer in the USA, the final stop on our adventure.

B and I decided to be ghetto Mexicans! Here are a few pics...

Yep...that's a chihuahua

Margaret also dressed like a Mexi. Please notice her zig-zag part and "bang."

In Germany, la chihuahua hung out with some other dogs.

By the time we got to Jamaica, the tequila from Mexico had kicked in and I started spilling...typical.

Sweet Mexican love:

The parties were really fun...and just a little painful in the morning.


  1. hahaha looks like fun :) Love the outfits

  2. That's a party that sounds like lots of fun and great eats.

  3. oh my god IN LOVE. The chihuahua totally completes the look.

    p.s. chihuahua is really hard to spell.