May 10, 2010

Asian Sesame Noodles That WILL Make You Cry

Lately I have been more than obsessed with these Asian sesame noodles at the Whole Foods' salad bar. I think I've eaten them three times in the past week, and my budget is not a fan of this kind of behavior when it costs $7.99 per pound. On Sunday, I went to get my fourth serving, and CRISIS OF THE CENTURY they weren't on the bar. I frantically ran over to the deli woman and muttered, "Um...are there by any chance Asian sesame noodles anywhere else in this store?? Like the ones at the bar?? Because they're gone and I really want them." Of course she looked at me funny, but I didn't care. She checked in the kitchen, returned, and shook her head saying, "No, baby girl, we didn't make them today." WHAT. Like they are there every day, lady. Just because it's Sunday doesn't mean you get to rest on sesame noodle making. Just when I thought I was going to starve to death, a fluorescent light bulb lit up in my head and I asked her, "Oooh, can you give me an ingredient list so I can make them at home?" 
BAM! Gotcha Whole Foods - I can do this myself! Not that this was a competition in any way, I still felt like I had won. Christina, 1 - Whole Foods - ZIP. So when I looked at the ingredients, I was a little alarmed -- three different oils? Yowsas, this is what I've been eating? No wonder I've been feeling so slimy. I knew I could revamp this "recipe" that I didn't actually have, and make it MINE! Christina, 2 - Whole Foods - ZIP. Another thing I constantly see with Asian recipes is that there are a billion ingredients, and you only ever need 1-2 tablespoons of each. My budget doesn't love that either. I had picked up all these different sauces and oils when I noticed this little gem in the salad dressing section. Seriously, I was a winner all over this grocery store.
I drove home faster than Jimmie Johnson so I could create this recipe.

  • 1/4 - 1/2 lb noodles of your choice
  • 1 inch knob of ginger, grated
  • 3 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 1/4 cup cilantro, finely chopped
  • 2 cups baby carrots, cooked and chopped
  • 1/2 cup Tamari Ginger dressing
  • 1-2 tsps crushed red pepper
  • 1 tbsp sesame seeds
  • Lime slices, optional

  • Cook pasta according to directions on the box. Drain and set aside to cool.
  • In a mixing bowl, combine ginger, garlic, carrots, dressing, and crushed red pepper.
  • Add mixture to pasta and toss. 
  • Add sesame seeds and cilantro as desired.
  • Serve with lime slices for squeezing over pasta.

Besides all the chopping, this recipe doesn't take long to make. Obviously I wanted them ASAP, so I stuck them in freezer to cool. I'm lying. I took three bites, and THEN put them in the freezer to chill while I cleaned up the horrific mess I made.

I finally got to eat them and oh my word, they were dragon-breath hot. Apparently 1/2 tbsp was an outrageous amount of crushed red pepper. (Recipe above is adjusted.) Halfway through my bowl, I was sniffling, crying, and reaching for the nearest mango to shove in my mouth. The mango didn't help, but I finished the bowl anyway. Bad idea. I cried a little more and thought about the only thing that could make my mouth feel better:
Good stuff, right? Now check out the inside of the jar:
Yeah, I went there. I also went here:
pistachio gelato

Earlier today, my facebook status was about how shocked I was that I didn't have any injuries this weekend. Well, I spoke too soon. While cleaning up my disaster, I dropped a bowl and sliced my palm open. OOPS.

And FINALLY -- the winner of the Greek Goddess Package is...

Congrats, Megan! Please email your contact info to: Gracias chica!


  1. mmm sesame noodles are good. I make Rachael Ray's Hot and Cold Sesame noodles with nut butter all the time (I adjust the recipe slightly) and they are amazing! In fact...I think thats what I'll be having for din din tomorrow! Congrats to the winner. Take care of that palm!

  2. oh no for your accident... haha seriously an accident free day is hard to come by... take care of your hand miss!

    woo, way to recreate your EXPENSIVE Asian love noodles from WF... I could not justify that price on a regular basis. Good job! Anyway sometimes homemade is so much better anyway... right?!

    Naturally More is my boyfriend I swear.

  3. omg lol i laughed so hard @ ur commentary on the spiciness factor. yea peanut butter rocks as does milk for getting rid of the burning. yea ur noodles looked good! i wouldve done what u did and continued eating and sweating and crying and god knows what else lol. but damn.. breaking glass is no fun! espcially when u get hurt :(
    <3 xoxo

  4. Those noodles look amazing! I have added too much spice to dishes before and made them unbearable before too, so frustrating! Hope your palm feels better -I am so accident prone and am always breaking dishes too.

  5. "no, babygirl..."
    ahah...that made me laugh. I don't think I could find anyone, especially a deli woman, to call me baby girl around here.
    You definitely kicked Whole Foods' butt, I'd say, even if you were breathing fire for a short while after. I mean, if you hadn't - the PB might not have happened though, you know? And pistachio gelato. Which, I've never tried gelato before but I think it needs to happen :)
    I'll have a service for your bowl, BTW - hope your palm's okay!

  6. First of all, Naturally More Peanut Butter is my favorite peanut butter of all peanut butter time. So you could have just posted a picture of THAT and I would have been happy. But then you went and added M&Ms...then I was the one crying. ;)

    Those (homemade) asian noodles look bomby.

  7. I actually think I might try it with 1 Tbsp crushed red pepper... I think my nasal passages need a little thorough cleaning! I DO love spicy, but girl - you slathered that thing! Nice!

    And I must agree with you and Cassie - Naturally more is Naturally More Delicious. I'm so sad I can't find it near me! I must travel wide and far to purchase that gold jar of goodness.


    PS - Whole Foods deserved your A** whopping ;)

  8. Christina, I almost peed my pants laughing about you racing home faster than Jimmie Johnson and then scrolled down and saw his picture. The fact alone that you even know who Jimmy Johnson is had me laughing so hard. Another great article! Feel free to bring over some noodles for me. Kelly

  9. Seriously, C, I am the MASTER of all things Asian cooking related. Okay, maybe not a "master" because that would entail that I perhaps beat everyone else in the world that deigns to cook Asian food. I'll just say I rock out with my wok out! So...LOVE the blog this go-round.

  10. This is my first time winning a giveaway!!! =D
    Also your noodles look delish... but what looks even better is that pb and m&m combo. Yumm!

  11. Wow those sesame noodles look absolutely amazing! I think I just might have to make them! Good thinking asking for the ingredients list! Congratulations to the winner and take care of your palm!


  12. Great noodle dish! Way to make'em your own. I could go for some of your PB dessert right now...even though it's only 9:30am! ;)

  13. i work down the street from a HUGE whole foods, and i am not to be trusted around anything with 4 salad/prepared food bars. i always end up spending at least $14 on lunch. LUNCH. anyways, ur posts always crack me up. hope your hand is ok! and greeeeeat move on the m&ms in pb! hahaha

  14. Pistacio fro-yo is my all time favorite...that Gelato looks awesome!

  15. I just recently got my hands on Naturally More peanut butter, and I must say it is pretty great! I love that you added m&m's to it - that sounds like a great combo!

  16. I have never tried those types of noodles but they sound really good! and peanut butter and m&m's are always a good thing :)

  17. You're a genius for asking for the ingredient list. I probably just would have gotten something else and been disappointed. Anything sesame sounds amazing to me!

  18. I always use bottled sauces when it comes to Asian recipes. There are too many vinegars in each recipe and my pantry doesn't have enough shelves to contain them all. As long as the bottled sauce doesn't have HFCS, I'm down. Your finished product looks great!

  19. Christina, this is my fav. post of yours yet! i love it. Too funny and great modifications for the whole foods recipe. In my book- always the less ingredients the easier and it's even better when it still comes out delicious. P.S. So glad to see your m&ms and peanutbutter-- I do chocolate chips myself- your ideas much better;) PPS owe you an email and would LOVE to catch-up in Summerville, more soon:))

  20. I wanna win something darnit! Also, that recipe looks DELISH! YUMMMM YUMMM YUMMMM!!!

  21. What a brillant idea...I had no clue that WF would just hand over an ingredient list like that. Your noodles look delicious!

  22. you are so good! pretty cool to know that WF will give you ingrediets! mighty nice of them :)

  23. Your noodles look amazing! I can't wait to whip some up!! I saw your peanut butter and m&m combo on facebook and I had a major case of jealousy!!

  24. Girl you are always cracking me up!!!!!!!!!Yeah Whole Foods take that!!! Christina made her own!!!!!!!!

    Loving the M and M's in the PB Jar too!!!!!

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I hope your hand is ok girl!


  25. This recipe looks awesome! I will definitely have to use less crushed red pepper though because I do not handle spiciness well either. ;)

    I hope your hand is okay!

  26. Oooh! Yummy pasta, that looks to die for!

  27. Hi!! I just found your blog and I really liked it! OMG drooling over the noodles, I haven't had noodles like in 6 months!!! why were they so hot what did you put in them?
    and I'm also drooling over the peanutbutter jar with M&M's hehe!
    Please don't get all grammar and spelling nazi on me I'm from Mexico and don't speak english that well :P
    Have a nice week ! ^^

  28. I just wanted to be your 29th comment!! LoL Hopefully your hand being sliced open doesn't get in the way of training at the gym!

  29. I'm sure I would have loved your sesame noodles! I CRAVE spicy foods! The more watery my eyes, the better ;)

    Also lovin' the M&Ms in the my favorite PB!

  30. who knew that sesame noodles required so much oil - your right it does explain the sliminess. this post is way too funny :) brightened my day.

    ps. love empty nut butter jars too!

  31. awww sorry to hear about the dropped bowl and sliced palm! ouch! your eats look AMAZINGLY delicious! thank u for sharing the recipe!! ohhh yum!! and M&MS+Naturally more...oh yes!
    I hope youve been having a great week pretty chica!!

  32. I need to take a trip to whole foods! Those noodles look to die for good!

  33. Ooh, I'm bookmarking those noodles! Oh and I always root for the underdog, so I have your back in the Whole Foods fight :) Just in case it comes back for more

  34. I will have to give sesame noodles a try, looks delicious. Sorry you hurt yourself...ouch.

  35. hahah NICE- M&M's and naturally more. i actually just had a double chocolate chip muffin, a kozy shack dark chocolat epudding with a HUGE blob of naturally more pb.
    oh yea, i went THERE! :)
    nice blog!

  36. I am loving your redone recipe. Looks great! I am often surprised at how much oil WF uses in their premade dishes. Gah!