Jul 8, 2010

Beat Yourself Up at the Gym and then Beet Yourself Up for Dinner

Last Friday I had dinner at the Mustard Seed with my friend Margaret and her (my new) friend Marie. While the purpose of dinner was originally to bash boys, the topic of conversation turned into something of actual interest: healthy eating! As Margaret and I consumed two baskets of bread and a bottle of wine, Marie daintily dined on her salad and sipped a glass of wine. It was obvious that Margaret and I were having some issues and Marie was our stability ball. Marie also loves cooking and incorporating local produce into her diet whenever possible. We discussed my blog a bit, and she was even inspired to start her own. The next day, she already had her first post up. A couple days later, I went back and found a really interesting recipe for a Beet and Arugula Salad.

I used Marie's recipe as inspiration, but made some minor changes. Beets are fugly little vegetables, but once peeled, they are quite the beauties. This is why we shouldn't judge things at face value! Right Margaret? ;)
I sliced and quartered the beets, splashed them with a ton of balsamic vinegar, and roasted them for about 50 minutes at 400*.
While they were roasting, I made goat cheese medallions. I measured out 1 ounce of goat cheese and squashed them into rounds. I really measured them you guys. I felt like a scientist.
I then covered them in honey and crusted them with crushed walnuts.
I then made a dressing that consisted of:

  • 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
  • 1 tbsp Dijon mustard
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 2 cloves of garlic, minced
I placed the medallions and dressing in the fridge to chill and skidaddled to the gym. Today was cardio + arms...ok I think everyday is arms. I love doing arms! Once I finished up at the sweat shop, I raced home to make my salad: mixed baby greens, roasted beets, and one goat cheese medallion:
Great News: Beets taste like candy!! I read that they have a high sugar content and they sure taste like it! The combination of the sweet + salty was definitely present in this dish. I officially love beets and they were awesome with the walnuts and goat cheese. Believe it or not, this was one of those dishes I got emotional over. Not only do I suggest you make this recipe, but you should start following Marie's blog. :)

Worthy of Discussion:
Occasionally at the gym I like to take these things called "breaks." Breaks at the gym = talking to my bff Julius, glaring at the new machines/torture devices before I jump on, or staring at hotties. I had already played on the vagina-breaking machine (the adductor) and pranced around in front of boys, so it was time to chat it up with my much-missed trainer/bff. 
That lovely, awkward family photo is actually on a boat, not the gym. Imagine if you could dress like that at the gym? Rarrrrrrrrr. Ok, totally lost my train of thought -- while I was discussing muscles with Julius, my a.d.d. got the best of me (again), and I noticed the July/August issue of Women's Health.
That, my friends is Twilight's Ashley Greene. Ashley may be my new inspiration to be more productive at the gym: stare less, run more. In order to fit the role of vampire Alice Cullen, Ashley had to make some changes to her body. Her workouts included cardio, squats, planks, working with kettlebells, and pushing a big box filled with weights across a room. 

I agree 100% with her outlooks too. On body shape: "A lot of people like to be super tiny, but I don't want a child's body -- I want a woman's body that is extremely fit. It's so much sexier." Woo. 
And on dieting: "I don't do the diet thing anymore. I'm a big believer in feeding your body what it needs. Deny yourself something and you're going to end up shoving your face full of it." So true!

Who is your celebrity role model? Have you ever looked up their workouts? Ever achieve any goals this way?

What's your favorite ugly veggie? 


  1. GORGEOUS salad. Reminds me a lot of this salad I'm obsessed with at Carrabas thats totally not as healthy as yours...Nom Nom. That is such a cute picture of you & the trainer. How come ya'll don't date? I saw that womens health- she does look incredible. I like when women have definition versus being just sticks. Hmmmm celebrity role model? I think Lea Michele from glee actually has a fabulous body. Favorite ugly veggie- brussels! Happy weekend!

  2. Vagina-breaking machine... omg, I almost cried... because my friend and I had a name for it too- "kinky sex machine".

  3. Ashley Greene is a GREAT fitness role model!

    And I KNEW there was a reason I always feel awkward on the adducter...it's nicknamed the vagina-breaking machine, lol.

  4. You know I don't think I have had a beet. You def made them look less scary. Ashley Green is definitely a good role model, she looks super in shape, but not in a trying out for a body building competition way.

  5. Ryan Reynolds, who married my dream woman. Bastard.

    LOLOL what you called that machine.. my boyfriend friend's call those machines the "good girl" (ones where your thighs close) and "bad girl" (where your thighs open) hahaha

  7. haha to the comment that ktbwood said above. And yea I saw that magazine cover. She looks amazing. I definitely agree with her logic!

  8. I read that article too and couldn't agree more. And HAHA omg Katie's comment - that's amazing, toooo funny! I will never look at that machine the same ever again. Thanks guys :) Haha!

    Beets are amazing - I love them in salads! I'm gonna check out that recipe and blog ASAP!

    Happy Thurs!

  9. I have never tried Beets. I am afraid. I can do it. I can do it.

    Ashley Greene is a hottie with a body. She is my new celebrity role model.

    I like celebrities that are realistic. They "admit" to working out.

  10. I just so happen to LOVE Ashley Greene - and now I envy her as well. Look at the body! Totally banging. Your dinner looks delish (love how you measured things exactly lol nerd) I'm not a really big beet person, but I think I would definitely give your salad a legit chance (:

  11. That salad...it looks DIVINE!!

    I love her outlook on diet and exercise! Not a huge twilight fan, but I may become a fan of hers!

  12. I just read that issue of Women's Health tonight! and I just discovered my love for beets recently when my boyfriend's mom made them. They definitely are tasty!

  13. Umm, I want that beet + goat cheese + walnut combo NOW! Sweet, salty/savory and crunchy? Yes please. Holy yummy.

    This is going to sound a bit cliche, but Jennifer Anniston has always been my fit celebrity role model. She's one of just a few stars in Hollywood who has maintained a rockin body and a BALANCED approach to food and fitness for 15+ years.

    Favorite ugly (STINKY) veggies? Brussels sprouts and cauliflower!

  14. So, I missed this post as I had a completely shitty day yesterday and ended up acting like a total emotional mess IN FRONT OF PEOPLE (you know I hate that per my entries). A few things: Salad looks like a big ball of yum and I am going to do this myself. I take some issues with Ms. Green....First, I feel she is too cute and therefore MUST be destroyed. Here's the thing, though, I don't think she ACTUALLY doesn't diet. I just don't buy it. Just like I don't buy those celebs that say they eat cheeseburgers, but their metabolism is just really good. Riiiiight...Of course you do, and sure it is, Pumpkin. Per that cover, Ashley Green diets...And obviously LIES to us all, which therefore makes me feel like I must have something genetically wrong with me. And as for my celebrity inspiration...There are so many. I really think there is something quite beautiful about every body type. But...If I could make a wish for a celebrity body and have it come true I would totally wish for Heidi Klum's bod...And that chick has had, like 853 kids!...With SEAL! Hello, Mr. Sexy-pants!

  15. HA, you said fugly. To which I must admit my friend and I used the word about 200 times during a tipsy game of CatchPhrase last weekend... it's a classic.

    I don't have a fitness role model at the moment, but I sure do need one... I've been ridiculously lazy when it comes to working out... I need a kick in the butt!

  16. I love beet and goat cheese salads! Especially with some pears and almonds thrown in there. TDF!!

    Ashley Greene is totally smoking! And I love what she said about her food outlook. Even though I feel like a lot of celebrities say that. :P

    I think Jessica Biel is my fitness role model. She seems like she has a really balanced approach to food and fitness.

  17. I've never actually took the skin off a beet- I usually buy them already like that! I love beeets in my salads though! I used to be scared of them until I had this life changing beet soup!

  18. I have golden beets in my lunch today! Too bad I'm out of goat cheese!

    Wowzers! Ashley Greene looks fabulous. Obviously, I need to adopt her attitude!

  19. I actually have never had beets....crazy huh?

  20. You know, I have never actually cooked beets before and I feel like I should have. I have had canned beets and I was not really that thrilled, but I don't care for canned stuff anyway, so that could be part of the problem. I will definitely try this out soon!

    I don't really have a celebrity fitness role model, but I always enjoy reading what they are up to since you know it is part of their job and it is obvious when it works!

  21. OMG that does look amazing, I can totally make this!!

  22. THANK YOU LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the sweet congrats! we are very excited for everything and Anthony will be at a great school as well, very happy!!!!

    I love beets!!!!!!! They are so yum and I love them in fresh juice!!! Its my fave ever!!

    HOT pic of you and your friend!!! Holy hotness! Smoking you two are, just hot!

    Love ya!!!!!!!!!

  23. honestly, i think ur my fitness role model!! uve got quite the body! WOW, and i mean that in the least creepiest way <3

    HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT! (again, in the least creepiest way) lol


  24. You are killing me with those medallions. I think we both know they're the reason I was put on this Earth! ;) I've never tasted a beet. I'm afraid for some reason. You totally need a white lab coat and some thick black glasses for playing scientist with your scale. That sounds creepier than it was meant.

  25. favorite ugly veggie.. well i do very much enjoy roasted beats.. or raw beets grated into a salad..
    another ugly veggie... Hmmm. is kale ugly? i like that one too!

  26. What a lovely summer salad. I'm a new convert to beets now that I've learned how to roast them. Anything with goat cheese is a hit!

  27. i love the phrase "pranced around", and i try to use it at least 2-3 times/week. love love love!

  28. Love the post title! =P
    And your salad looks amazing.. so fancy!!
    Cute pic of you and your bff. Also, the adductor is now only "the vagina breaking machine" to me from here on out haha!

  29. ooh- beets! I haven't tried those yet, I'm sad to admit :( But perhaps I;ll give them a try, they don't look half bad! :)

  30. Do you like ur salad tossed?

  31. Wowza your bff is hot stuff : P I actually love beets but I'm terrified of making them so I just buy them in jar form at the Farmer's Market!

  32. Your salad looks delic. I love beets. I love your blog.

  33. I love reading your blog. Zack and I are also obsessed with food and cooking new things. I love beets and they are such a perfect match for the goat cheese. I recently found a honey goat cheese that was delicious and did the same thing you did with the nuts. Brussel sprouts are also awesome :)

  34. I love the fact that you call beets 'fugly' Agreed. hahaha-
    And that quote by Ashley Greene is awesome. Really, I wish that was an attitude more readily taken on by the rest of LA... I think thats also a wayyyy better attitude to have walking into a gym than the skinny mindset.

  35. I love beets!! I love reading your blog...I have actually made almost all the recpies on here. True story! I often hope I will run into you at the Mt. P Whole Foods!!I really, really need to start blogging again. Anyway...
    My fitness role model is..Fergie or Gwen Stefani. I love that they aren't skinny, but fit.

  36. I obsessed with Ashley Green. She's my girl crush