Apr 27, 2010

Foodie Sunday: Part II Featuring Santo

After the successful blogger meet up, I met up with another foodie friend: Santo! We discussed having lunch and seeing Date Night, but once we got downtown the weather was too nice to be indoors. We stopped at Caviar & Bananas for lunch. Located right outside my alma mater's campus, Caviar & Bananas is a gourmet market and cafe. They offer prepared foods, charcuterie, artisanal cheeses, sushi, salads, baked goods, coffee & tea and so much more. They also have a selection of packaged food items for sale, shown here:
That's just one small section of their packaged items. Here's where we found our hungry selves: charcuterie & cheese!
We chose to split the charcuterie baguette from this menu:
and the Spanish antipasto board from this menu:
The sandwich: sopressatta, black forest ham, hot coppa, oven roasted tomatoes, olive tapenade, Gorgonzola dolce mousse. This was a killer sandwich. The baguette was really crisp, toasty and not too thick as to overwhelm the inner elements. The olive tapenade was mildly salty but the gorgonzola mousse was what really pulled this sandwich together...it was so warm and creamy!
And the Spanish antipasto board:
Marcona almonds (!!!) and candied walnuts. Spanish marcona almonds are incredible. Very salty.
Walnut-fig relish. Very figgy. Santo was like "Um, is this a fig newton?"
Baguettes, asparagus, Serrano ham, pomegranate molasses:
We tried all different combos and decided that baguette + Serrano ham + manchego was the tastiest.

Dessert is never an option, always a requirement. Two spots over on George Street is FreshBerry! I've seen some of Erica's FreshBerry treats and have been ready to make my own creation.
FreshBerry is a small, but brightly lit, almost futuristic looking cafe.They have seven different all-natural frozen yogurt flavors and tons of toppings to choose from. They also make smoothies and fresh pops.
Fresh fruit toppings:
Cereal, nuts, and candy toppings:
Santo immediately picked his toppings and I sat there and salivated for like a whole television episode before I could decide. Big surprise. 

Santo's sugar-free vanilla fro-yo with captain crunch, mango, and blackberries:
I took the sweeter route to fro-yo heaven with sugar-free vanilla, graham crackers, oreo, and reese's pieces:
Ummmmmm yes yes yes yes is all I can say. So good. We were both totally 7 months food pregnant. Judging by how far my dress was sticking out after this event, I might have been 7 1/2 months. Wait...maybe that was just the wind?

So totally bloated and energized from the food overdosage, we skipped and frolicked down King Street for some non-food-related adventures. Just kidding about skipping and frolicking - Santo walked like a human being and I, you know, walked/stumbled down the brick streets. First stop was a jewelry store to try to find a new silver ring...instead we found some really fancy headbands:

Exhibit A:
Exhibit B: I am so creepy in this pic.
But not as creepy as this window shopper...errr...
And then the predator played some more in a toy store:
And finally, Brookstone, for lots of exercise:
After all that eating, playing, and exercising, I was tired and in need of a nap/blackberry cyber sesh:
Can you believe they didn't kick us out?
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  1. i think they actually encourage you to lay on the tempurpedic mattresses...i do it all the time. :)

  2. Awww, so sad I missed the Sunday Funday Downtown Festivities! Mimosas should have been on the menu somewhere.. I'm disappointed in the both of you.

  3. I totally want to eat at Caviar and Bananas! I've walked by there a million times. I love the idea of the antipasto board. How freaking good is fresh berry? I want to eat there every day.Thanks for the shout out :) Great shots of you in the headbands hahaha- you are NOT creepy!

  4. Yeah - I would have definitely gone for the sweet toppings on my fro-yo too. I HEART fruit, but when it's in dessert (other than pie), it's just not for me! I'd much rather indulget than get those pesky anti-oxidants in the way!

  5. I am a HUGE fan of the Exhibit A headband! I need it in my life.

  6. hey lovely!!!!!
    OH MY GOSH can i be a 3rd wheel on this date?! THAT LOOKS SO FUN! i must try that froyo place! ahaha you are freaking ADORABLE, for real

  7. lol omg it looks like u had such a blast! wish i was there too :)

    hahaha "umm is this a fig newton" hahaha <3

  8. Your post make me wish I lived in a cool city so I could have foodie dates. Let me know when I can go out to eat with you in Charleston haha.

  9. That looks like a perfect weekend to me!! Caviar & Bananas? What a great name! That place looks amazing with great food! And what a great way to finish the meal off... :-)

  10. Caviar and Bananas rocks my face. I haven't made it to Fresh Berry yet..guess I need to add that to the list.

  11. why, why, why...can't we have restaraunts as amazing as the ones in your area? You always leave me drooling with your posts - I am all about that Spanish antipasto board. If that was ever presented in front of me, I would be asking if I had died and gone to heaven, haha.
    Looks like you had some great escapades afterwards, too! :P

  12. How fun/good does that antipasto board look?! I must try that. I LOVE mixing and matching flavors, and how nice that they're preselected to enhance and compliment each other. The sandwich looks incredible too. Where do you find these places? Two thumbs up from the SPAWAR Sloth.

  13. AHH! this is crazy!!! hahaha i love CAVIAR and BANANAS!! my mom always gets me a gift card for back to school/xmas! It's a perfect treat for an on the go dinner/lunch! It's amazing. I actually study there as well :) great for ppl watching!

    also freshberry is amazing! on opening day there was a line down george almost to CVS.

    love having a charleston blogger!! My dad is coming into town tomorrow night and taking me to Carolina's- have you ever been?
    let me know!

  14. That antipasto board looks FABULOUSLY delicious! Looks like a great time was had :o)

  15. Love ice cream places where you get to chose what ingredients you want!!

  16. that fro-yo looks so good! we don't have anywhere that does that over here, it's all milk laden ice cream, which is till good, but not everyday! ;) xx

  17. What a fun day!!! I would of been stuffed as well and happy!!!!!

    Love the fro yo, I love what you topped yours with! Yum!!

    They didnt kick you out cause you rock and your beautiful!!! xoxo

  18. Where do I even begin? For starters that is EXACTLY what I would have gotten on my Fro yo. Does Phoenix have a fro yo? I hope so because the closest thing I've got to that here is a blizzard. Since it's yogurt and not ice cream (not inlove with straight up ice cream) i'd be less likely to molest my dessert. Yes, i went there. when I order a blizzard I get Reese's Pieces/Oreo with "extra chunks", I proceed to eat ALL the chunks and leave the rest. Oh and did I mention this means I order a LARGE.

    Dessert IS always a requirement. It doesn't matter how full I am after eating something non sweet (likely salty) something sweet has GOT to come next.

    Moving along, Heidi DOES look like Micheal Jackson. She looks like his real white sister. At least in previous seasons it was easier to laugh at the absurdity that is the "Pratts" but now they scare me..

    Hope you're having a great day love!!

  19. nugget--we did miss you too--we even mentioned our pre-boring cooking demonstration due to our drunk mimosa brunches...soon, nugget, soon.

    Excellent job blogging chick fila lady of the night, and for the record...i still havent eaten since sunday:(

  20. I LOVE brookstone! Good times to be had in that little store of random treasures! Your yogurt looks awesome - reese's pieces are the bomb dot com.

  21. Cute pictures! You are a girl after my own heart. That is the exact same way that I would have created my fro yo. :D

  22. I want to stick my face in that antipasto board. YUM!

  23. I absolutely love those fro yo places! Both of the creations look yummy :)

  24. I love Brookstone. They have such cool gadgets in there!

  25. your yogurt looks amazing! I just found your blog and love it!


  26. Cheers to the fact that there is ALWAYS room for dessert! Especially fro yo. :)

    I just found your blog, and look forward to reading more!

  27. You created my 'dream' fro yo! :) Reese's anything is heaven! :) We don't have a fro yo by us...so i'm a bit jealous!

  28. yummm i love froyo places!! theres a few in philly (kiwi, phileo...) and i ALWAYS try 3 different flavors plus fresh fruit and mochi! omg amazing i wish i lived downtown!

  29. haha, i love all the goodies in your fro yo. i am not ballsy enough to do it. i would have done more of a santo style one. not to say that i dont LOVE reeses and graham crackers because i do...its just that i dont eat them frequently :(

    brookstone = love. they're so expensive though. how do they stay in business???