Apr 6, 2010

Spinning off the Weekend

Spinning is my new detox. I woke up super early to call and reserve my spot for the Monday night class and I'm so glad I did. It's definitely worth waking up at the crack of dawn to sign up...and of course, you can always go back to sleep. After a boat-load of drinking (literally) on Saturday and lots of naughty weekend eating, I knew spinning would make me feel better. It's a great way to ditch Monday blues and kick-start the week.

My second class was even more fun than the first. The instructor and his awesome music make the hour go by super fast. During the cool down he even turned the lights down really low while we pedaled up a steep mountain to a slow 6-minute song. That was really cool. My favorite part was when he played the music video for Britney Spear's "Womanizer." Wowwwy, not only is that an awesome song to ride to, but the video is intense!! I sweated buckets of coor's light/easter dinner and left feeling awesome about the coming week.

Where did I spend my naughty eating allowance this weekend? Well, besides spending it on mimosas and coor's lights on the boat all day, I ate at Pizzeria Di Giovanni on Saturday night. Di Giovanni is a hidden gem on Market St. downtown. The New Yorker owner brings the typical NY style pizza down to the lowcountry. They serve ridiculously huge pizzas or you can get them by the slice. In a pizza, I prefer thin, chewy dough with a crispy crust, and a flavorful sauce. Di Giovanni serves exactly that. You can tell he uses fresh herbs and tomatoes because the sauce is perfect. The pizzeria is small with a large, open eating area. You can even watch them make your pizza. This place gets packed after the bars close.

My cheese slice and Justin's "roni":
Here's the owner after I yelled at him, "Smile like you think I'm pretty!!!"
Please note the creeper in the background on the right. I said "SMILE!" to him and he gave me a not-so-friendly look. Dough-thrower boy said "You have to tell him to say queso. He's Mexican." 

Ok, this I cannot understand. I have a degree in Spanish - queso means cheese, got that one just fine....but why on earth would he say "queso" to smile. Saying queso out loud doesn't produce a smile...maybe just a sweet o-face. Dough-boy's got tricks.

A new grocery store find:
What.the.crap. The label states, "Only the highest quality vinegars can create the unique taste of Daddies, the Strong Brown Sauce." EW!! This is not appealing. Apparently it's the British version of A1. I did not buy it.

And here's a link I found really useful: www.stilltasty.com. This site gives the lowdown on foods' shelf-life...Wondering how long your hard-boiled eggs from Easter will last? Don't even think about eating them. Today's question on the site was if you could freeze raw eggs for later use. Guess what? You can! You can freeze fresh eggs for up to a year...but you do have to remove them from the shell first. Cool stuff!!
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  1. That pizza looks awesome! Reminds me of the pizza I used to get in college after the bars closed :) Great review. And I'm glad you're loving spin. Hope you had a great Easter too

  2. I agree with you on the kind of pizza you like! That's exactly what i like.

  3. ahaha you are so cute! YYAY FOR SPiNNING! i love that you yelled that at the owner.. you are hilarious. that pizza sounds AWEESOME! i like it THIN too

  4. ahaha. I am thisclose to laughing out loud right now. And if my mom wasn't watching her soap opera a couple of feet away in the same room - I most likely would be.
    That pizza place sounds just like one in my hometown. HUGE pizzas and slices, thin crust, yet crispy and chewy at the same time. If I'm gonna have a slice of pizza - you bet it'll be there.

  5. Queso = cheese. People say "Cheese!" in English to elicit a smile. :-)

  6. where have you been all my life? love this post!

  7. haha mike, probably sitting in my bed eating and blogging...or at eco