Aug 16, 2010

Peanut Butter Review & Recipe: Christina's Crazy PB&J Smoothie

Nanette from Krema Products was nice enough to send me some of their peanut butter to review. I was really eager to try their products because they contain only one ingredient: peanuts! How awesome is a peanut butter that has no added sugar, salt, or hydrogenated oils? Crazy awesome!

Speaking of crazy, Krema Products also makes the Crazy Richards line of peanut butters. The Krema line is found in the Midwest and the Crazy Richards line is found on the East Coast. There is no difference in the peanuts or the manufacturing process used to make the two lines--they just have different labels.

I was excited to see that I had received a crunchy and creamy peanut butter from both lines.
Peanut butter testing is serious business. I grabbed my roommate for Mission: Devour Peanut Butter. First, we tried the crunchy. As soon as we opened the jar, we could smell the peanuts. It smelled so fresh!
Before I sampled it, I could tell that it was going to be good. The aroma alone made my taste buds sweat.
My thoughts: nut perfection in a jar! The nuts are ground perfectly--not too crunchy to the point of wearing down your tooth enamel, but crunchy enough to make a delicious pb&j on toast. 

Boding's thoughts: This tastes very natural. Despite the viscosity, this peanut butter still retains that "stuck to the roof of your mouth" quality. 

Next we opened the creamy. Holy liquid on top. Boding was concerned that this wasn't even peanut butter, but I reminded him that the oil separation was normal. A quick stir with a knife was all we needed to get this butter ready for tasting!
Do not, I repeat, do not dump out the excess oil. I learned my lesson with my last peanut butter samples.
My thoughts: creamiest peanut butter ever. It was incredibly smooth. This peanut butter would be perfect to drizzle over oatmeal or Greek yogurt. It's so creamy that spoonfuls just kept falling into my mouth like magic. I wasn't mad...

Boding's thoughts: The texture is extremely soupy. It had a true to taste flavor in that you could tell there were no added preservatives. It would be great for mixing into cottage cheese or oatmeal. (Great minds think alike!)

We may or may not have busted out the Nutella for a delicious sweet & salty combo.
How fun are their labels? I love the colors. I think Krema Products should take note of this awesome lime green color and consider redoing the labels one day ;)
And again, how often do you see nut butters with an ingredient list like these:

Because I have no problem overdosing on peanut butter, I decided to make a smoothie so I could indulge a bit more.

Christina's Crazy PB&J Smoothie!
In the blender:
  • 1-2 tbsp Crazy Richard's crunchy peanut butter
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1/2 cup frozen blueberries (or any fruit for the "jelly" flavor)
  • 1 container vanilla Greek yogurt, 5.3 oz
  • 1 tbsp flax seed
  • splash of skim milk
YUM! This smoothie is a great source of protein. It is lightly sweet with a bit of crunch from the peanut butter and flax seed. Make one now!

For more information about Krema Products, please visit their site. They also have a blog! Crazy Richard's daughter writes this blog to educate people on the health benefits of peanut butter and she has a bunch of great recipes. Check it out!

As I blog this, I'm laying in bed watching Food Network (duh) and wearing this crazy contraption:
Sad story: I have shin splints. I noticed some pain when I was doing lunges yesterday, but I thought I was just being a wuss from too much tequila the night before. When I started running today I nearly flew off the treadmill because of shooting pains. I limped to the bathroom and big, beefy dude whose name I cannot remember asked if I was okay. He confirmed that my pain was shin splints and that I need to stay off it for a week. GAH. I said, "Ok. That's fine. I'll just stay in the man zone and get buff." His response: "Yeah! Let me train you for a week and you'll get swoll!" SWOLL?? REALLY?? Men are crazy!

What's your favorite peanut butter recipe?
What's your favorite smoothie combo? I need recommendations!

Here's to a great week! 


  1. So you're blogging and watching Good Eats too? Coincidence!

  2. Also- I have lots of favorite peanut butter recipes because I love everything with peanut butter, I will try to think of my favorite but that sounds like a hard task!

    And, I am so sorry about your shin splints. OUCH. I have never had them, but my best friend does all the time and it makes me want to cry just thinking about it. Hope you feel better!

  3. Oooohhhh make sure you ice ice, baby! Hate hate hate that feeling! :(

    The peanut butter sounds wonderful. I'm a big fan of chunky, and it just looks delish! I use peanut butter in a rice krispie-like treat called scotcheroos (marshmallow is swapped out for peanut butter as the main binder). Yummm...

  4. WOW you are so lucky you got some PB girlfrand!! Id love me some free jank :)
    LOVE yo smoothie! PB AND J IS DA BOMB DOT COM
    sorry about your shin splints! you a beast already- u dont need that guy to get you swole!

  5. Those nut butters look amazing. And a PB&J smoothie?! I need to try that!

  6. Oh no! I hope you heal soon, girl.

    Also, I WANT PEANUT BUTTER. AND A PB&J SMOOTHIE. My nut butter stash is dangerously low.

  7. mmmmmmmm nut butter. I've never tried this brand- I will be on the look out. Sorry to hear about the shin splints- that is no fun at all. I like making buckeyes. Anddd favorite smoothie combo- hmm I just like fruity ones with bananas and berries!

  8. I. Heart. Peanut. Butter. 'Nough said. (Other than - I must try that smoothie... i will nom nom nom it!)

  9. " being a wuss from too much tequila the night before" hahahahahah that is just great!

    I am not into peanut butter but won some of their peanut butter and really enjoyed it. I even liked the chunky (I really hate that word btw) and went through half a jar in a couple of wks---thats good for me.

    I like pb smoothies with chocolate protein powder and bananas. My other faves are greek yogurt, cookies n cream protein powder and mint chocolate syrup. Or chocolate protein powder and strawberries.

  10. That peanut butter looks delicious! How did you get them to send you samples? I'd love to try some!

    I'm a friend of Blair's(Reasonably Swanky) and saw her this weekend and told her how I started reading your blog after seeing a link to it on hers. I really have enjoyed reading your blog! Maybe next time I'm in Charleston we can all meet up!

  11. Oooh I LOVE peanut butter! I'll have to order one! Very cool you got samples!

    I tried Better 'N Peanut Butter before and while it was a little runny it was SOOO delicious! They sell it at Whole Foods and Yes! Organic Markets, but probably other places as well.

    As usual, great post! Sorry you have shin splints! :(

  12. Sorry for the double comment, but I just remembered something. A few of the newly renovated grocery stores in town have their own peanut butter bars where you make your own peanut butter. I want to try it but am afraid I'll be spending money on butter that tastes awful. Any recommendations? Thanks!

  13. That pb looks perfect! Love the ingredient "list"!! I've never had a pb smoothie but I clearly need to try one now. They sound yummy!!
    P.S. Sorry about the shin splints, that's no fun!!

  14. omg, please PLEASE make a smoothie post with different smoothie recipes. my blender is so mad at me b/c i haven't used it

  15. Great reviews on the PB. I have not even heard of some of these. I also thought that smoothie had oreos in it until I read it was blueberries...darn it haha!

  16. I love peanut butter that contain only peanuts! I used to get shin splints too - I hate 'em! My favorite smoothie combo is just a basic green monster: skim milk, frozen banana, frozen strawberries, giant handfuls of spinach. Every now and then I'll add a scoop of chocolate protein powder or dark chocolate peanut/almond butter!

  17. You had me when you mixed the Nutella, thank you! Show it some dark hazelnut lovin.

    I love that recipe for the smoothie, I'll have to give it a whirl.

    So so bummed about your shin splints. I started doing downward dog stretches before and after, my calves were hurting and this was the only stretch that seemed to work.

    Take it easy!

  18. Oooh, Crazy Richards sounds delish! Do you miss the salt?

    I LOVE the PB + banana combination, and it's even better when chocolate is involved. I'm sure I'd slurp up that smoothie in no time. Thanks for the recipe!

    My favorite PB recipe is not so healthy...peanut butter pie all the way.

    I hope your legs feel better soon! Shin splints are pesky! xoxo

  19. The first time I brought home natural peanut butter, my daughter poured all the oil off the top before I told her about it - she thought it was water!

    I love the consistency of that crunchy one - I'll have to keep my eye out for that!

  20. Shin splints blow. Hope they heal quick!

  21. Hope you feel better quickly! shin splints are no fun :(

    I love Kreme PB!

  22. Oh my goodness I LOVE Crazy Richard's PB! One of my favorite brands by far. Love the PB + J smoothie idea, too! :)

  23. Bummer about the shin splints :(

    Love me some peanut butter though- I loved getting to hear 2 different opinions- good idea!

  24. I love Krema peanut butter! I made this frozen peanut butter tofu pie once that was delicious. Even non tofu likers liked it!

  25. Hello. I am super glad I found your blog! Although I am a little nervous about the grammar corrections, I will do my best! You blog looks so fun and happy! One question, how did you get companies to send you samples for review?

  26. I've never had Krema pb! So awesome that you were able to sample some! Thanks for the reviews :) I'm sorry to hear about the shin splints!! Hopefully with lots of rest you'll be back at it in no time! Have a wonderful day!

  27. OOO! Looks amazing- maybe i'll make some delicious peanut buttery THING!

  28. Goodness! I hope your shins get to be back to 100% ASAP!

    My favorite PROTEIN smoothie recipe is:

    1 c Almond Milk
    1 scoop chocolate whey protein powder
    2 tbsp PB2
    1 tbsp Special Dark Hershey's cocoa
    splash of caramel SF syrup
    1/3 cup oatbran
    1/8 tsp guar gum and xanthan gum
    lots of ice

    Hmm, now that I think of it, this isn't really so much a "smoothie". I usually eat it with a spoon because it's so thick and yummy. Ah well, I've already typed it out so I'll submit it in case anyone else wants to try it! :)

  29. Darn girl. I'm sorry about the shin splints. Don't they make compression socks for that? I bet you could get them in lime green..smokin hot! I've heard Crazy Richards is good stuff. I like to I love making peanut butter cookies then dipping them in chocolate. Oh yes my friend..they will rock your face. XOXO

  30. NOO!! not shin splints!! im so sorry :( i had these last summer so badly.. actually they were acting up a bit over the weekend but not nearly as bad as yours. its so painful and SO FRUSTRATING!!


  31. Looks great sweetie!! And how did you resist the temptation to throw some chocolate chippies into that smoothie? Blue berries surely is a much healthier alternative:) XOXOXOX

  32. Take care of the legs!

    GREAT review! I've never heard of that PB - but Natural is the best. I love the split commentary b/w you and Bodie! :)

  33. Is it wrong to think that PB looks delicious, even though it would kill me? Because it really does!

    Ack sorry about your shins girl! You should take up that guy's offer to train you. ;) Not that you need it. I'm sure you could show him a thing or two about weights!

  34. Ouch on the shin splints. Hope you recover quickly.
    I haven't met a PB that I didn't like. I always dump out excess oil. I like the PB really thick since I don't spread it on anything, I only use it stirred into hot oatmeal.
    I've never seen those brands before. Hope they come to our area soon. Love to try new things.

  35. Oh shin splints are awful. Hope they heal soon.

    Those do look like good peanut butters.

  36. This is def my favorite peanut butter recipe:

  37. Do peanut butter cookies count as a peanut butter recipe? haha. Yum. I am so jealous of all your new peanut butters, yum!

    I agree about the lime green, thats the case I have for my ipod and I love that color!

  38. Mmm... It is almost impossible to go wrong with PB. I love it mixed with chocolate, bananas, crackers. The options are endless! I love simple peanut-only PB, but to make it a bit more exciting, I like to add a couple drops of vanilla and a sprinkle of cinnamon to the jar and then mix it up!

  39. Hi, this is Melissa, wife of Crazy Richard. So glad you love our peanut butter, I LOVE the lime green idea, I will take it up with Mr. Crazy. Keep up the good work Christina!!! Good luck with the shin splints!!

  40. That PB looks good- all of them! YUM! Lucky you, you peanut butter taster, you. ;) The smoothie sounds great too... but you can't go wrong with pb in a smoothie.

    Shin splints are the worse thing ever! They hurt so so so bad. Do you have a foam roller? Use it or get one! Rolling out your calves and outer, upper thigh will help a lot. I had them last year when training for my marathon and ow. No bueno! Fell better!

  41. That smoothie looks fantastic! Sorry about the shin splits! I hope they get better soon. I had shin splints when I was younger in gymnastics and I know they hurt like crazy!! Take it easy till they get better :)

  42. Currently my favorite peanut butter recipe :

    And what a cute glass with the chalk board thing on the front!

  43. Crazy Richard's is awesome, I agree!! Favorite smoothie at the moment contains vanilla Sun Warrior, almond butter, banana, spinach and almond milk. Delicious, even if the color freaks people out!!

  44. hey christina! thanks for commenting on my blog! i know this post is about peanut butter... but can i just say i love your socks!!? haha i am kind of a sock fiend... i just love patterned socks, and i have a trove of all kinds...

    back to the peanut butter.... i love peanut butter & jelly oatmeal, and also just your basic peanut butter + banana sandwich... with cinnamon! and it tastes awesome if you grill the bananas, and then grill the sandwich too!

    hope your shin splints get better soon!!!

  45. that sounds like an awesome PB& J smoothie!! Sounds very filling too!!

    favorite peanut butter recipe is peanut butter cookies. OHH YEA! whenever I make them, they do NOT last long in the house hahaha

    and I HATE shin splints sooo much! I used to get them when I did track or when I run outside on the pavement/concrete too much. No fun at allllllll :(

  46. I hate shin splints. You can't imagine the pain unless you've had them. :)

    Love the peanut butter with no additives, but my new favorite is almond butter. Just a tablespoon with a crisp apple and I'm in heaven!

  47. I hope you feel better soon!
    I love peanut butter - on anything! But my favorite way is just out of the jar with a spoon. ;-)

  48. Sorry about the shins. That is just so painful! I hope they get better soon. The peanut butter sound so good! I am loving the ingredient list. Is it sad that I eat my peanut butter faster than it can go into recipes? If my boys are lucky, they get some cookies or blondies from it. Feel better soon sweetie!

  49. You are in peanut butter HEAVEN and I am sold on having a pb&j smoothie or sandwich for lunch. Thanks :)

    Have you ever used a tiger tail or roller on the muscle next to your shin (no clue what it is called). I started using one this past fall because of shin splints. After massaging the trigger point that causes the pain over and over, multiple times per day, I was cured. I know use it once a day (or so) to prevent shin splints again. I highly recommend you try these gems.

  50. PB tasting, tough job but somebody's gotta do it! Love the cute glass!

  51. I like to make peanut noodles with creamy peanut butter, by mixing peanut butter with some different spices and sesame oil. There are some good and easy recipes online. I also love to add a blob of it on my smoothies, especially crunchy peanut butter, to add some crunch.

  52. I love natural crunchy peanut butter. There's a company at Summerville Farmers Market that does fresh ground peanut butter flavors - raspberry to blueberry to chocolate to jalapeno!

    My fav smoothie recipe -

    1 cup whole milk
    1 scoop whey protein powder
    1 cup frozen mixed berries
    1 cup BANANA CREME PIE yogurt
    1 pinch of sugar
    1 handful of ice cubes

    Blend on SMOOTHIE setting then strain through mesh strainer. I drink them right after my workouts, YAH YAH I'm going to have to try your PBJ Smoothie soon !!

  53. Peanut butter melted over fro yo is AWESOME. And a good smoothie to try is PB, banana, chocolate.. but it would be fun to find one that tasted like oatmeal...

  54. Love the sounds of that smoothie!!! PB & J anyhing is yummmmy :-)