Mar 16, 2012

The Friday Five – With a Twist!

It’s the usual Friday Five post, but with some new categories!

1. What I’m Reading:

2. What I’m Buying: Blog reader Lisa tweeted me about this towel. Within 5 minutes, I was entering my credit card information on Target’s site.

And I quote: “And it’s GREEN!” Thanks, Lisa!

3. Where I’m Running: Daniel Island! At approximately 5 p.m. yesterday afternoon, I stood up from my seat at work and announced to my coworker, Dane, that I refused to go to the gym in this glorious, 80-degree weather. We decided to go for run on the island instead. We completed 6 miles in 48:38. Not too shabby.

View from the trail:IMAG1960

Our route:image

We started and returned at Blackbaud, and when I walked inside, in, I wanted to jump straight into the fountain.IMAG1963IMAG1966

4. Apps I’m Downloading: Still loving Draw Something. Putting my username on the blog was not my smartest move – I currently have 28 games open. Sorry if I’m slow you guys!

Grocery IQ. This app helps you organize your shopping list. You can even  scan bar codes on empty boxes at home that you need to restock.

Droid Libs. Adlibs on your phone!

5. What I’m Listening to: Although Enrique Iglesias kind of irks me, I love his new single with Dev. This had me bouncing in my chair all day.