Oct 29, 2010

Fun, Factual Friday

Last week, Lisa posted a fun survey that I wanted to fill out...THE ABC Survey.

What’s your age? 26, but really it's twenty-sexy.
What annoys you? Bad grammar. Bad spelling. Disorganized dishwashers. Fluorescent lighting. Waiting in line. Strangers touching me.
Do you have any allergies? Cats and nature.

When is your birthday? June 30th
Who is your best friend? I have several besties with breasties and a couple besties with testes.

What’s your favorite candy? Loaded question! Probably these:
When was the last time you cried? Teen Mom. I suck.
Have you been out of the country? Italy!!
Do you daydream? Occasionally.
What’s your favorite kind of dogWhite fluffy things!
How do you like your eggs? Every way. I love eggs!
What’s the easiest thing to do? Eat. Love. Eat with loved ones.
What’s one thing you love about your family? They're so accepting of odd behavior! ;)
Are you a giver or a taker? I'm equally both.
Do you like gummie candies? I go through phases.

How are you? My response is always "awesome."
What’s your height? 5’2
What’s your hair color? blonde-ish

Favorite ice cream? Pistachio gelato.
Have you ever ice-skated? Of course!

Do you wear nice jewerly? I have some good jewelry. Not like Lil Wayne or anything.
Do you tell jokes? I'm a terrible joke teller. I either laugh before I tell the punch line or I screw the whole thing up. 

Do you want to have kids? I'm not there yet so I don't know. I can't think about things until they're happening. For now, this is my baby.
Where did you have kindergarten? C.T. Douglas. Acton, MA
Are you laid back? Leaning toward no.
When’s the last time you sent a hand-written letter? On my birthday. 
Do you like mangos? No.
Do you still watch Disney movies? I LOVE the Little Mermaid
Do you have a nickname? Xtina! or just X. Sometimes Xtiny.
What’s your favorite number? 9

Are you an only child? I have 3 brothers.
Do you like the color orange? It's a favorite!

Do you think you are pretty? Silly question.
Do you play any instruments? Holy heck no.

Are you quick to judge people? It happens, but I'm a firm believer in NOT passing judgment until you know someone. Most people are really great and everybody deserves a chance.
What do you keep quiet about? Politics. Like what the fluff is that.
Do you have any quirks? ME? Everything. Exhibit A:
Do you think you are always right? Only when I'm playing Jeopardy.
Do you watch reality TV? Teen Mom is the greatest!!

Are you a social person? Very. I'll talk to anyone.
What states have you lived in? Massachusetts, Hawaii, South Carolina
What’s your favorite season? Spring!

What time did you wake up? 7:30 AM
When did you last sleep in a tent? Frisky!! It's been a while.
Do you like tomatoes? Sure. But I LOVE ketchup.
Do you listen to Usher? Usher "makes me wanna leave the one I'm with" every time he comes on the radio. Goooooooood grief.
Do you have an umbrella in your car? I need a lime green umbrella.

What’s your next vacation planned? That's a mystery! I hope it's Greece.
What’s the worst veggie? Red onions make me really nervous.

Have you ever wakeboarded? Yes.
Do you wish on stars? I'm not 5.

Have you ever had an x-ray? I don't think so. Unless you count at the dentist.
Have you watched the X-games? Negative.

Do you like the color yellow? I like orange.
What year were you born? 1984. 

Do you believe in the Zodiac? Not seriously but sometimes I like to make life decisions based off of them. Ha ha. (Excuse the bad grammar in the picture below.)
Have you been to the zoo? My life is a zoo.
Has your bank account been to zero? No!!! I am anal retentive with banking/budgeting.



  1. fun post! Loving your love of the little mermaid :) is it sad that one day I watched the sequel through a series of youtube videos just because I couldn't remember what happened? haha

  2. I'm from Groton, MA! Yay M-A!!

  3. This had me cracking up. Especially besties with breasties and besties with testes! I could relate to a lot of your answers! I'm allergic to cats and nature too... and mangos and horses. :(

  4. this is super fun !! I think all of your annoyances are AGGRAVATIONS to me too !! :D

    I love the "I love you more than food... but not more than Chick fil a"

  5. Funny that you were born under the sign of the crab seeing that you recently became a super model with a crab logo!
    Do you have any idea how many lime green umbrellas you will be receiving now???
    Cute post ;)

  6. This is a fun survery. You always crack me up, my favorite response? "I have some good jewelry. Not like Lil Wayne or anything."

  7. *survey ;) I guess I should correct my spelling

  8. I have several besties, too. A lot of people don't understand it, but I feel like with all the stages of life I've gone through, I have a friend who best went through it with me. My maid of honor will be decided by drawing straws. I'm only half kidding.

  9. "I love you, but not more than Chick-fil-a."
    You crack me up. ;-)

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  11. You cried during teen mom? WAS THIS DURING THE REUNION? When amber or ferrah cried!?! Because, I am guilty of that! hahha, and you are so so pretty. You look kinda like Michelle Pheiffer (when she was young obviously)!

  12. LOVE THIS! I may have to copy next week! :)

    and i'm a cancer too! june 26th! :)

  13. This just made me <3 you even more! You're adorable.

    My nickname is Xtina too (or XXXtina...moving on) even though my name is spelled in a way that the nickname doesn't make sense, but I go with it

  14. Nice post. Very Funny....

  15. I want to go to Greece too! You are really just too cute for words! Have a great weekend!

  16. I wan to go to Greece, too! Let's go. We'll blog about the food and call it a business trip ;)

  17. This is hilarious! Did people actually ask you all those questions?!

  18. So fun to get to know bloggers this way!

    To answer a few, I'm 30, 5'4", allergic to nothing, quirky, and have been to Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Canada, England, Wales, France, Italy, Spain, Egypt, and Brazil. Greece is high on my list!

  19. twenty-sexy, haa classic.

    Fantastic photos, this is a great q&a

  20. You lived in Hawaii? Whaaaaat....? I'd like more information on that one, please. :)

  21. no shame in crying during teen mom! Pretty sure that was my answer too!

  22. The best part: Have you ever lived in a zoo? My life is a zoo....

    Totally made my morning :)

  23. Great post!! i have to apologize for my horribly bad grammar and spelling on my blog. it's not that i don't know the correct spelling and use of contractions- i'm just really lazy about it... and a really bad typist.

    i'm really sorry! haha

  24. This is such a cute post! I'm going to start saying, "What the 'fluff' is that?" from now on :) And I love 20-sexy. I'm going to be 30-sexy soon, ack!

  25. As per usual you crack me up! hehe That WAS a loaded question about the candy. I too loved the little mermaid. How are you in phases with gummie candy?! How is this possible? LOL I'm with you on kids- can't think of it until it's happening. I'm 5'2" as well and want to go to Greece! Although I worry about how you'll fare with this fear of red onion. hehe

  26. This reminds me of those surveys that were always sent around through email when I was 12 haha. They're so much fun to fill out and read though!

    Little Mermaid is one of my faves too. Is it sad that I know all the words to the songs in it? :P

  27. Ha! I was born in Framingham, MA raised in both Milford and Millville, MA!

  28. Oooohhh!!! GREECE! My sister-in-law is Greek and has family that lives in Greece. But you know what's weird? She's been trying to get my brother to agree to go on their honeymoon there but he wouldn't do it...Even though they would have a free place to stay! What up with that?!? That's just messed up! So then I pipe up that I'll go and you know what she says to me? "My family has a home there for when my mother decides to visit...So if you want to go, you have somewhere to stay if nobody is there." Ummmm, free room and board? OKAY! Now I just need to scrape some $ together for a plane ticket...Or 4. Sheesh!

  29. What a fun different post for you! Always like getting to know you a little bit more. Oh and Hawaii? I'd like to know about that!

  30. Huh, I've heard such mixed reviews on the pretzel M&Ms, guess I should give them a go.

  31. UMMMMM I'm offended! Our song is an Usher song and you didn't even tell the world how lame and weird we are! JK see you soon!!!

  32. This was a great post to read being it's my first visit to your blog! I loved finding out that I was not the only one that cried buring Teen Mom!

  33. 1. I LOVE Teen mom and 16 and Pregnant, I'm a total sucker for those shows.

    2. Bad grammar drives me to drink. When people say "I seen" something at the store, I want to punch them and say it's "I saw!!!" GRR! And the your, you're drives me nuts too. Where were these people in 2nd grade?!

    3. Love your blog more and more every time I visit it ;)


  34. Not a lover of mangos, eh? Great post, Christina. I can't wait for someone to ask how old I am so I can tell them thirty-sexy!!! :)

  35. This was SO much fun to read!! You seem like such a fun person--love it! :-)

  36. Love those pretzel m&ms!! And "twenty-sexy" omg I love it. My friend is studying in Greece next semester- so jealous!

  37. I love pistachio ice cream too! I get pretty excited when I find it...Seriously, more ice cream shops need to carry it.

    I had no idea you lived in Hawaii! Lucky girl!

  38. umm, i beg to differ on the last time you sent a handwritten note. you sent me a letter with my cookies in august! this is super cute! :)