Nov 17, 2010

$5 Movies and Free Popcorn

On Tuesdays, movie tickets at Cinebarre are only $5. It's a nice way to do something fun during the week without breaking the bank. I rarely used to watch movies in the theater because I have trouble sitting through anything lasting more than an hour. Since I met Amanda and Mary (the movie buffs), I have been seeing a lot more flicks and have learned that comfy clothes and yummy eats help keep my butt in the chair! Last night, we met up to see Rachel McAdam's newest film, Morning Glory.
Popcorn is definitely a staple for movie watching, so I thought this was a great opportunity for me to break into the samples that 479* Popcorn sent me. 
479* Popcorn makes their organic popcorn in heavy copper kettles and uses local ingredients whenever possible. Many of their ingredients are sourced from family farms in California. They have eight unique flavors, and no, "buttered" isn't one of them!

I was sent the "The Foodie" sampler box that featured five different flavors.
Within each box is a small bag of popcorn containing 2-4 servings. In order to sneak the popcorn into the theater, I made little baggies of each flavor. I then cut out the flavor description from the box and stuck it into the bags so I knew what we were sampling.
Before the movie started, we passed around the bags, one by one, and gave our opinions and ratings. The first flavor we tried was Fleur de Sel Caramel: "sweet, crunchy organic caramel sprinkled with delicate flakes of sea salt."
We loved this flavor. Amanda described this as the "adult version of Cracker Jacks." We had to resist filling up on this flavor, because we knew we had four more flavors to try! Mary said "I'm just going to keep this bag right here." 
Our Ratings: Amanda: 5/5 Christina: 5/5 Mary: 5/5

Madras Curry Coconut + Cashews: "hand-blended Madras curry with Toasted coconut + roasted cashews."
The addition of cashews in this flavor adds a nice crunch. The Madras curry was really overwhelming. It just seemed like an odd seasoning for popcorn.
Our Ratings: Amanda: 3/5 Christina: 3/5 Mary: 3/5

Ginger Sesame Caramel: "ginger-infused organic caramel tossed with toasted black sesame seeds."
Again, the sesame seeds add a nice crunch. The popcorn was similar in texture as the caramel but had a hint of ginger. It was a tad bit spicy.
Our Ratings: Amanda: 2/5 Christina: 3/5 Mary: 4/5

Black Truffle + Cheddar: "organic aged white cheddar drizzled with aromatic black truffle oil."
Amanda was most excited for this flavor and loved it just as much as she thought she would. It definitely had that true truffle flavor and also had a hint of Parmesan cheese.
Our Ratings: Amanda: 5/5 Christina: 4/5 Mary: 5/5 

Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt: "Alderwood smoked sea salt with organic extra virgin olive oil."
Phewwww it smelled like olives! Amanda agreed, warning Mary that she wasn't going to like it. It was our least favorite flavor for sure.
Our Ratings: Amanda: 1/5 Christina: 1/5 Mary: 2/5

We three girls had lots of fun trying all the flavors, but it was clear which were the winners! We all agreed that caramel and truffle were the best. Huge thanks to Caroline at 479* Popcorn for letting us enjoy something other than the typical butter flavored popcorn! We definitely enjoyed ourselves! 

And the I knew it would be a chick flick but it was soooo cheesy. The plot seemed pointless, and they didn't show enough of the one and only hottie, Patrick Wilson. I would have liked a lot more scenes of his face. 
Check out Amanda's blog for her recap later today, too!


  1. Popcorn and I have a love-hate relationship. These, however, look awesome. Minus the one that smelled like olives. I hate olives. Hate hate hate. But love Rachel McAdams. Love love love.

  2. I haven't been to Cinebarre in forever ever. Or really to the movies. I can't really sit still for that long ;) So we usually wait until movies come out on DVD. What a fun product to review. Curry Coconut + Cashews sounds very funky, but glad some of the other flavors were winners. Happy Wednesday Ms. Christina

  3. Ahhh, I was just telling hubby last night that I'm craving popcorn SOOO badly! There isn't a movie I really want to see, but I said I'd like to just go in and buy a huge bucket of movie popcorn and leave and watch something at home on the couch after my competition this weekend hehe

    I'm totally going to check out 479 popcorn. Seems awesome! BTW, how the hay do you get all this free stuff? Probably because you're just so dang cute!

  4. We go to the discount theater sometimes during the week, too. I sort of love finding "good deals", so I'm the nerd who enjoys the movie more because of it... :p

  5. I always sneak food into movie theaters. My friends and I like to hit up the bulk bins at the grocery store before going. :D

    Caramel and cheddar popcorn are my favourites too. Also dill pickle flavour is surprisingly good!

  6. What a fun idea to have a popcorn sampling--I loooove kettle korn!

  7. I love sneaking food into the theater. It makes me feel like I've beaten the system and stuck it to "the man."

    As far as that movie goes...I don't think I can do it. I have a feeling I already know everything that's going to happen: Rachael McAdams nabs a job as a network morning show producer and works herself to the bone, while a dreamy guy she works with (or meets in a random movie meet-cute) covets her, but she's far too busy for hanky-panky. Meanwhile curmudegony old Harrison Ford tells her how it is and that she'll never have a happy life if she keeps at being so career-driven...And he somehow opens her eyes (probably with a story about how he's all alone becuase he put his career first, blah, blah, yadda, yadda). In the end, she finds a happy work-life balance and nabs the dreamboat dude. Am I close? That's how I think this movie probably goes, anyway.

  8. I love popcorn :) And I probably would have chosen those two flavors as the best two - they just sound delicious! And who cares about a cheesy movie when you're having a blast with friends, right!

  9. i fell in love with Patrick Wilson after seeing him in Little Children with Kate Winslet. you should rent it shows his booty! ;)

  10. Uh...Harrison Ford is hot thank you very much.

  11. We get $1 movies at my school's union every week, but I haven't taken nearly as much advantage of it as I should.

    Actually, they showed "Morning Glory" for FREE last week, but I had to work and counldn't go. );

  12. Too bad on the movie. I like the cast. Oh well, definitely a rental now. I LOVE popcorn! Great review! Oh and I am with Melissa, Harrison Ford is now and will always be HOT!

  13. only you would turn movie-going into a foodie experiment!!! love it and i want that popcorn now...especially the truffle one!

  14. Aw too bad about the movie- I kinda wanted to see it!

  15. I have been so into popcorn lately! I just do the micro kind but this stuff looks FAB. I also love the metal tubs you get at holidays with the 3 flavors! Andd I like that last pic =D

  16. thanks for the feedback on the movie. I love your popcorn rating system! what a fun company.

  17. I love gourmet popcorn, those giant tins they seel at Christmas don't last long around me!!

    $5 movies is an awesome deal! Especially when they're actually new movies. Usually whenever theaters do that, they're old movies that are already on DVD

  18. I LOVE YOU!!!!
    I LOVE MOVIES!!!!!!

  19. I have really been wanting to give that popcorn a try. It always looks delish!


  20. I am absolutely a flavored popcorn supporter. There's a place here in Austin that has some really great flavors, including one that tastes just like the marshmallows from Lucky Charms! And yes, I guess you could just go eat the actual marshmallows if that is the flavor that you are looking for, but uhhh...umm...IT'S POPCORN!

    Also, Rachel McAdams is a total hottie. So says the new representative of male readers of your blog.

  21. I've always had a hard time sitting through movies too! Since the previews are usually 20 minutes long, I usually show up 15 minutes past the listed start time. It definitely improves my chances of making it through. Haha

    I've seen 479 popcorn for sale in gourmet grocery stores and have been tempted to try it, but now I think I'm going to HAVE to buy a box. Every flavor sounds good to me!

  22. Man, I wanted to see that! I can take the Wedding Planner, but anything more cheesy than that is irritating.

  23. too bad about the movie, Rachel McAdams is such a sweetie! at least the popcorn looked awesome! :)

  24. That popcorn sounds insane!! I am obsessed with truffle oil, so I am dying to try the cheddar truffle flavor! and I so love the $5 movie night at Cinabarre. Before I got preggers I went to cinabarre all the time for movies and wine! Now I just don't have the free time with a little one but there is nothing better than a cocktail + movie, because like you I get easily bored:)

  25. I love when movie theaters that have cheap nights! However I dont love them when a boy takes me there. Totally diggin the popcorn flavors--funky!

    And that movie, ugh. At first I wanted to see it. But I watch Bravo all the time and they keep playing the previews over and over again. If I hear "You'd sleep in the office if you could" and "You got a pap smear on air in a silk robe" I am gonna go postal on someone!

  26. I heart popcorn big time and fun flavors to boot! I'd pass on the truffle but would be all over the carmel =)

  27. I wanted to see that movie, because I love Rachel McAdams, but if it's really cheesy..then I suppose I'll wait until it's on DVD. :)
    All of the popcorn sounds really good!! - especially the black truffle + cheddar. YUM!