Mar 4, 2010

Charleston Food Festival IS HERE!

I’m a food-lover (like “Hungry Meets Healthy” author Xtina). I’m also an Xtina lover! I’m guest-blogging today to give all you foodies a sneak-peek of the fifth annual BB&T Charleston Wine and Food Festival. So grab your wine glass, fill it up and CHEERS! Let’s go!
The tents are up and vendor tables are out, as of Thursday they were empty.

Things don’t look too delicious right now, unless checkered table cloth makes your mouth water. Soon they will be a culinary delight! If you buy tickets to the Culinary Village and Grand Tasting Tents for Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you’re in for a treat! Ninety wine and food vendors from nationwide are offering a taste of their good stuff. Here’s a look at just some of the vendors to come:

WOWSER! A wine company all the way from the west coast, showing South Cackalacky some California-Love. Oh yeah, and eat this up! I got some milk-chocolate covered cherries and dark-chocolate covered pomegranates. Melt in my mouth.

Lee and daughter Kathy Lambert at the Great Food Co-op of Lobeco, SC are AWESOME! You MUST try their peach cider: No added sugar and chemical free! Stop by and see them and tell them Nicole from Live 5 News sent you :)

Tickets for the Culinary Village and Grand Tasting tents range from $45 to $75 depending on the day, Friday to Sunday. There are a whole slew of other events to tickle your tastebuds. Check them out on the Wine and Food Festival website. So grab your bestie, and feed them, like Nikki and Xtina do :) Yummy!

Guest-blogger Nicole Johnson is a news reporter for CBS in Charleston, Live 5 News. Follow Nicole on,, and


    that seriously looks like soooo much fun!!!
    i cannot WAIT to see your pics! maybe one day i can go! im so close!

  2. Wish I could come!

  3. ah! So jealous! I wanted to go today but we soooo had too much catching up to do! Hope you had a blasty!

  4. that looks like SO much fun!!! I have some family not to far away from there, I wish I could have come! ENJOY!!!