Mar 23, 2010

Try Something New Everyday!

Let's play "Guess What Xtina Ate for Breakfast!"

Breakfast 1: Oat Bran w/ Raspberries

Breakfast 2: Skinny Caramel Latte and Reduced-Fat Very Berry Coffee Cake

EHHH you're wrong. The raspberry oats were Victoria's. I ate coffee cake for breakfast. This is a big deal. I rarely eat anything other than fiber cereal, oats, or toast w/ pb & banana...especially during the work week. What's the occasion? Nothing other than FREE PASTRY DAY at I needed an excuse to eat something fatty. How fun. In my twisted mind I'm already undoing what I'm about to do on Saturday morning...

bb snapture on the way home from work

I'm nervous. The 5K last week went really well--my official time was 27:21--but, in case you can't multiply, a 10K is twice as long. And I did something really bad to my ankles last week. I blame my new sneakers. They feel bruised and when I go down the stairs, I feel like they're going to snap. That can't be good. I decided to take it easy last night and tried something new: YOGA.

Yoga = bizarre. First problem was the guy next to me. WHY did 1 of 2 men in the class have to place his mat next to mine? Spot to the left of me was already reserved for air thank you very much. Don't worry, I made it a point to "accidently" whack his hand with mine...twice. And at the end of the class he apologized for "hitting" me. Good. Now he knows that I take up two spaces and he will never park his sweatiness near me. 

Ok, back to being serious -- it was a good switch-up from the treadmill pounding and I got a good stretch but it was just too slooooooow for me. I can't handle posing in the same position for more than 5 seconds...unless you are taking my picture and planning on tagging it on facebook in which case I will sit and let you snap 500 pictures of me. I'll give Yoga another try next Monday but I also plan on trying Zumba too. According to Eco's site, Zumba "fuses hypnotic latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to creat a dynamic fitness program that will blow you absolute blast in one exhilirating hour of caloric-burning, body-energizing, awe-inspring movements meant to engage and captivate for life."

Key Phrases:
  • easy to follow - unless i'm popping adderall, this is my level
  • one exhilirating hour - as if 55 minutes isn't enough? geez.
  • caloric-burning - great news, more eating 
Please oh pleeeeeease let me learn awe-inspiring moves that will blow someone away. Like maybe if Lil Wayne ever comes to Charleston I can bust out my Zumba moves and become one of his girlz. 
xtina + weezy + nicki - it could happen, right?

Ok probably not, seeing as last week my trainer told me "You don't have very much control over your body today." Uhh. To that I said "Fine, time to lay." And spread myself on the floor until he let me do something different. In that moment, I am 100% sure he hated me.

Let's end on a happy note with a link that is very appropriate to this post. All single girls need to check out this Glamour article!



  1. hahaha you're hilarious! Glad you enjoyed starbucks freebie. Hope the ankle feels better quick! I'll give you another excuse to eat something naughty- brunchhhhhhhhh this coming Sunday! Hooray!

  2. HEY SUGAR!!
    okay i really really want to MEET YOU! BUT i dk what the plans are bc im going w. one of my friends and sounds like its a PACKED weekend! ugh. maybe i will run into you? literally!! bahah

  3. mmm coffe cake! Sounds like a better choice to me!

  4. free cheese yesterday, free pastrys today...what's next?? hehehe-jk but it does look really good! :)

  5. Had to check out your post when I seen you watch the Golden Girls from kb's site!!! Love it! And don't knock just need to find the right type of class for you :)

  6. haha it looks like lil wayne is holding a picture/poster of you. for real. went today and got some delish almond milk and luna're my foodie inspiration! white choc mac=the bomb...oatmeal raisin too. delish. glad you got your free pastry, b/c I completely forgot...sad

    xo, caroline

  7. I enjoyed reading this, HA-larious. You could totally end up next to "young weezy", well, if he weren't incarcerated.

  8. anonymous comments make me sad! especially when they're nice ones. i want to know who you are! :)

  9. Good luck with your 10K! I hope your ankles feel better!

    I do yoga and I have to agree with's slow. I'm not a huge fan of stretching in general, which is probably bad, but I do it anyway. You'll get more used to the moves, but I can't say you'll get used to the pace!

    P.S. I've always wanted to try Zumba! I hear it's fun and a great workout. Enjoy! I can't wait to hear all about it in one of your blog posts :)

  10. You can post the awards to your actual blog or just in the blog post - it's totally up to you!!

  11. Good luck with the 10k!!! I'm doing my first 5K April 10th for Susan G. Komen...I can't wait! I told you I'd be in to follow along here!!!

    You're a Skinny * Latte girl, too? One Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte a day for this girl!!!

    I might have to try my hand at Athenos hummus, because I tried Sabra, and it was my first hummus...not a fan, not a fan.

    Great blog, girl! Can't wait to follow more!