Dec 10, 2010

I Promise I DO Like Men.

After many comments, texts, fb posts, gchats, and emails about my year of single post, a follow-up was necessary. The girls' responses were so uplifting and I felt like everyone understood where I was coming from. My favorites:
  • Amy: I wish they made a restraining order app.
  • Camille: I recently went out for happy hour with a girlfriend and out of nowhere, random dude tapped me on the shoulder and said, "I can see by the ring that you're married-but if for some reason you find yourself not...I'll still be at this bar waiting-even 6 months from now." 
  • GabrielaIs it bad that I still pretend to be single to get free drinks sometimes? And that my boyfriend encourages it?
  • Katiei am SERIOUSLY in love with you and SERIOUSLY want you to date my brother (HA!)
  • Nichole: This is genius. Followed by, do these dudes know you have this site? 
Why yes, Nicole, they do. And their responses to my post were hilarious. Let's leave them anonymous. ;)
  • How did I not make the "highlights?" 
  • I feel like you are Kate Hudson from How to Lose a Guy in 10 days...and I'm the story!
  • I am very pleased (with myself) that I found all of what you found to be creepy, to be creepy, as well. Hooray for not being a dbag!!
  • After reading that I'm not ever texting you again.
  • This is scary to potential suitors. Not in a bad way but like if you take out tiny orso then watch the f out for these things.
  • The girls' comments are absurd....It's like you have a giant girl party on that blog.
And just so any male readers don't think I am the devil for writing about how crazy they can be, I'm providing you with a list of Dos!

The Shimmer Lights: These will make you shine among the rest.
  • DO know what you want. Whether it is to date, hang out, have a relationship, a fling, over even just a textationship, be up front about it. Nobody likes games. But more importantly, being straight forward shows confidence, which takes me to...
  • DO have confidence. Remind us why we should be interested in you. Don't down-talk or doubt yourself around us. We girls can be there to boost your confidence, but we shouldn't have to give it to you.
  • DO treat everyone with respect. There's nothing worse than a guy who speaks badly about others, or thinks that he is better than anyone else. The moment you start thinking you are better than someone else is the moment I start thinking you're not.
  • DO make us laugh. Who doesn't like to have fun? Entertain us, tell us jokes, surprise us with silly things that you think we'll like. Laughter = love.
  • DO be a gentleman. Wine us, dine us, charm us, compliment us. Just be sweet. But not too sweet because then we'll gag.
  • DO find someone you share at least one hobby with. I like food and working out, and would expect my partner to like the same. DO also have your own hobbies. This helps keep us independent, and you can always share your hobbies with us, if applicable. We can cheer you on in your football game, just don't ask us to get on the field with you.
This is a reaaaaally basic list and I have million more tips I could write, but I need to eat lunch. So I will leave that up to my readers: What essentials do YOU look for in a guy? 

And say hello to some of my favorite men, who DO exhibit positive qualities:

Frankie and Santo, my favorite foodies:
Boding, my old roomie:
Julius, my trainer:
Matt, our typical pose:
TJ, with one of my cookies:
Perry, my perr bear:
William, my (lucky) best friend's husband:
(yes, I have a wig on.)


  1. I'm glad I made the cut....and proved you're not a lesbian.

    TJ -

  2. I didn't comment on your original blog, but I absolutely loved it! My best friend and I were single all year, not necessary by choice, and I had to share your post with her. She loved it equally as much! Our single stories do not compare to yours! Clearly, we have not enjoyed our single days as much as you!

  3. Finding a guy with one similar hobby is really helpful for me. I like to be contacted, but not too much.

  4. this makes me crack up! love it!

    My favorite:
    DO be a gentleman. Wine us, dine us, charm us, compliment us. Just be sweet. But not too sweet because then we'll gag.

    p.s. is your BFF Julius single and if so would he like to come up to Greenville and "train" me...wink wink.

  5. It really IS one giant girl party. That's why I love it... lol

  6. hahaha- Camille's comment cracked me up. Couldn't agree more with your do's: especially having confidence and not playing games. So many cute pics, you know my opinion on who you should date next :)

  7. Julius is a stud!!

  8. What a cute post! And you are so gorgeous!

  9. This post and last post have made my life! Hah I love reading them and hearing you stories! Also, the list of DO's is a must for guys to know! Have a great day! :)

  10. 100% agree with knowing what you want and not playing is too short to waste people's time if the right person is right in front of you. Be honest and confident as you said, and go for it.

  11. Cute post! Just found your blog and loving it! ;) xo

  12. Hellooooo Julius! I loved your single girl post adn the do's on this one!

  13. A guy with confidence is a biggie for me! There's nothing worse than being asked "What's wrong with meeee?" :P

  14. I always smile when I come here to see you!

    Your friend is lucky! He is so cute :) And I would like to say "How you doin'" to Julius!!

    Have a great night ;)

  15. LOL at your wig picture but even more so at the fellas comments. I love that they know about it and read it, fabush!!!

  16. You're silly. I loved the year in single girls world... always the best stories

  17. Haha..who knew the boys would have gotten offended by that post! Hopefully this post will make up for it! ;-)

  18. This was hilarious! I love that you did the year re- cap. I would of LOVED to seen a reaction from a guy you went on a date with that found a post on here about how the date was, well, not so great- LOL! I think that would of been the best!
    The best thing a guy can do for me is to make me laugh. That's how I knew my fiance was the one for me- he makes me laugh nearly every second of the day. I'll accept the laugh lines I will get from all of the laughing he makes me do- it's totally worth it :D

  19. Yessss I love that I made the top comments. Its true though- not only does shamelessly hitting on other people keep the relationship interesting, it also saves me some moolah in drinks :)

  20. Great post, chica! And I LOVE your "basic" list - I think there's good stuff in there for sure - especially about joint hobbies AND hobbies of your own. Love it!

  21. You are adorable--love the photos!!

  22. Girl power :) Love it!!


  23. HA! i love this follow-up!

    i also think julius looks like a hottie and perry looks pretty darn cute. just' sayin'. you surround yourself with some good looking studs, christina!

  24. Glad you wrote a follow up: show more of julius please! Honestly? He's your trainer? How do you concentrate?

    Best qualities:
    1. gentleman
    2. a good sense of humor
    3. good listener
    4. cares about you!
    5. puts you above himself (in most cases)

  25. I'm going to have to reapply my mascara, I am laughing so hard. Those pics are awesome, your life could be made into a Kate Hudson romantic comedy, I can feel lit:)

  26. For the record, your single for a year post was one of my favorites, ever. So please continue to get hit on by creepers for our enjoyment. K thanks.

  27. Don't know what to say x, I'm speechless. Do I get an award for something like this.? Ps. My abs are better Than julius's

  28. :) I'm so glad I'm not single. Fun but it sure does seem like it's stressful these days.
    Keep away from the creepers.