Dec 11, 2012

This I Know Is True

…There is nothing better than a glass of chocolate milk after a long run. Amanda and I completed a 7-miler on Sunday then immediately chugged a glass of chocolately protein. We then proceeded to lie on the floor and die a little. photo 1

…Random acts of kindness feel really good, even if you don’t see the recipient’s reaction. I noticed someone had printed out a parking pass for the Kiawah Marathon, so I left them some love. photo

…Boys are weirded out by girls with books on self-help, dating, or anything too feminine.  A while back I loaned a friend my copy of Why Men Love Bitches and picked it up from her on Sunday, so it was sitting in my car. I drove this boy to work yesterday morning and when he got in my car and saw it, he was like “Oh, god. No.”

I was definitely mortified and swore that it was not a self-help book. I might have been stretching the truth, but that book is fantastic! In case you’ve never heard of it, it’s about why men love a b.i.t.c.h. – babe in total control of herself. The book really teaches you how to keep your shit together while you’re single, dating, or in a relationship.

I told my friend Ashley, another huge fan of the book, about what happened and to make me feel better, she sent me her collection of womanly books. IMG_0137

…The Seasonal Salad from Crave is really, really good. It’s a bowl of Baby tatsoi, bright lights Swiss chard, and purple kale served with honey champagne vinaigrette, toasted pumpkin seeds, roasted beets, sweet potato croutons and St. Andre cheese. I had it for dinner so I added sea bass to it. 2

…You cannot judge a bottle of wine by its label. Every time I saw this Project Happiness Syrah at Trader Joe’s, I snubbed it, thinking it looked so stupid. I randomly told one of the employees I wanted a good Syrah, and what do you know, he walks me over to this bottle. The verdict: it’s really good. It’s smooth and zesty with notes of blueberry and cassis and a blackberry jam finish. picstitch

…I am determined to win The NYE Challenge. After this weekend, things aren’t looking good for Boding and Kaye. My strikes have been from accidentally eating 2 foods I didn’t realize were fried (coconut shrimp and fried chickpeas) and a night of 4 3

Oh, and apparently some of us are playing dirty. I asked Carter for a glass of water the other night and while he was in the kitchen, I heard him giggling like a 5 year old. He brings me a glass of water and is like “Here you go…drink up!” Totally skeptical, I looked in my glass and noticed that he has added a dab of butter to my water. GROSS! photo (1)

What do you know to be true today?!