Mar 3, 2011

Blogger Meet Up / Photo Day #11

Today is Photo Day #11: Picture of something you hate. I cannot stand being cold. When I am really cold, I completely shut down. I can’t even talk. I just stare at you like it’s your fault. What’s worse? Being WET and COLD. The following photo is from Summer 2009 when we got hit by a rainstorm on the boat.4653_612381410794_21301311_36323341_6348451_n

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Caroline from Chocolate & Carrots. I have been reading Caroline’s blog for a couple of months and am always fascinated by her recipes and food photography. She grew up in Mt. Pleasant, where I live, but now lives in Columbia, SC. When she asked to meet up while she was in town visiting family, I was delighted!

We met at our favorite coffee shop, Metto. We both ordered lattes and chatted for FOUR HOURS. It was so nice to finally meet her. She is such a sweet girl and you should definitely check out her blog. Her food pictures will have you drooling! image

After our meet-up, I went to the gym to bring Julius some of the peanut butter banana bread. I’m pretty sure he ate it in 5 seconds. A few hours later, I was back at Eco to actually work out. Heavily caffeinated, I jumped right onto the assisted pull-up machine. It’s going to happen one day, I swear! Immediately after, I knocked out a mile run. Since my foot incident, I have been trying to calm down, so my mile time went up. Boo. I did some shoulder/back workouts, then hopped back on the treadmill. I had already run 1.79 miles when my friend Mike came over and challenged me: “Wanna race to 3.1?” I was like “Are you kidding me, you think you can run 3.1 miles in the time that I run 1.31? Ok, let’s go.” So like the maniac I am, I ran at warped speed just so I could win.

I won.

I love beating men at anything. I wonder if he let me win? Either way, I successfully knocked out another 3.1 miles and was literally a hot mess.

Are you a competitive person? Are you competitive with yourself or friends? Girls or guys? I’m never competitive with friends. Boyfriends….oh yes. I make no sense.