Mar 18, 2011

Why I Love Blogging: Part Two

Ahhhh, I love the random messages I get from blog readers. LOVE LOVE LOVE. (See Part One here.)

Exhibit A: My old neighbor, Eric, texted me last week asking for a healthy recipe he could make for his girlfriend. I immediately suggested the Orzo Feta Bake. After he made it, he sent me a picture message:

“I did well! I added some mushrooms at the end!”PART951299548701754

Exhibit B: Beth sent me a picture of the Peanut Butter Banana Bread she made.

“It turned out awesome and I’m still alive!”bread

Exhibit C: T sent me a picture of some hula hooping girl he saw at Mardi Gras.

“To hell with your hula hoop!” Nice.hula

Exhibit D: Yesterday Beth sent me a picture of Peeps - Chick-fil-A style!

“I saw this and immediately thought of you!”peeps

Exhibit E: In response to my post about loving lilacs a male readers sent me some virtual flowers. This made me chuckle, but proposing to a stranger seems risky, no?

Exhibit F (for Favorite!): Karen sent me a link to this picture:

Exhibit G: My neighbor Daniel texted me this evening saying, “Come try some French fries in about ten minutes.” Yeah, I was over there in 7 minutes. He had made the most delicious sweet potato fries! DSC_2627I returned the favor a couple hours later with warm chocolate chip cookies. A couple minutes later I got a text that said “Titanic.” Haha. Gotta love the 1 to Titanic rating system.

I have nothing but true love for my blog readers. Keep the random photos and messages coming! They make my day. :)