Jan 14, 2013

The Birth of Mactina

Congratulations are in order! Over the weekend, I made a serious purchase.

At 13.3” and 4.5 pounds, meet my child, Mactina!DSC_0695

I actually attacked King Street with my debit card on Saturday. photo 1 (1)

Boding was nice enough to carry the child as my bags started building up.image

My motherly instincts should have kicked in by now, right? They have not. I can barely work this thing! I might need to hit up the Genius Bar for some lessons with the senior citizens.

All jokes aside, I’m curious to know what you bloggers use for writing your posts. I currently write with Windows LiveWriter and publish through Blogger. I know, I should have made the switch to WordPress long ago, but that’s another issue. I may continue using my PC to write posts until I figure this out.

Mac users: How long did it take you to get used to your Mac? What are some must-have apps I need?

Bloggers: What the heck do I use to write my posts? I refuse to write in the blogger platform – ick!