Jan 16, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday 1.16.13

How are we already two weeks into January? This is just crazy. Before you know it, it'll be February, then Summer…then wait, let's stop. I love Summer.

1. I love this dress. You love this dress. This just screams my name. Thank you, ASOS!

IMG 2461


2. Well it's no wonder I always get called a flirt. Apparently it's just part of my Southern charm! IMG 2434

Isn't that ridiculous? I assumed the book was published in the 70s, but when I texted a picture of it to Sierra, she asked me to check the date. Try 2007. WHAT? This can't be right. Or normal. 

3. I nearly passed out walking down King Street on Saturday when I saw that Steve Palmer of The Indigo Road restaurant group started following me on Twitter. Seriously, I had to stop and fan myself.
IMG 2483

4. Speaking of The Indigo Road, Carter tried an awesome beer at Oak on Friday. I ordered it the next day at The Green Door. Snatch one of these up quick -- they're a seasonal gem!

IMG 2464

5. With the marathon being this Saturday (omg!!), it's taper week. My run on Sunday was short, sweet, and speedy. 3 more days!!

IMG 2508

6. You should download the app "The Now." You get free push notifications with reminders to keep you fully focused on the present. I receive 3-4 messages a day and there's always at least one that makes me smile or check myself. There was even a Lululemon quote one day! The one shown here, though, is one of my favorites.

IMG 2521

I do find it humorous that I received my mindfulness message while listening to Swedish House Mafia. There is no way one can stay calm while listening to their music.

7. This was my view driving over the bridge yesterday morning, just one day after receiving the notification above. Incredible timing, no?

IMG 2532

Pretty, pretty Charleston. Brooke, this one's for you!