Jan 9, 2013

What I’m Loving Wednesday 1.9.12

1. I need really want this necklace from Tiffany & Co.xneck

I also want this bracelet. It’s only $8,250.xring

I supposed I could settle for this much more affordable Etsy option.il_570xN.368769031_23so

2. After a long run a couple weeks ago, Amanda and I refueled with two of the best sandwiches at Purée: The Deep South Sandwich, which is very similar to a Chick-fil-A sandwich, but made with seitan,photo 2 (1)

and a Blackened Jalapeno Burger, made with tempeh.photo 3 (7)

If you’re thinking about bringing a man friend to Purée, convince him to try one of these and he’ll forget he’s not eating meat.

3. Yesterday I was using too many abbrevs (abbreviations) and my coworker said I sounded like Tom Haverford. I took that as a compliment.photo 1 (1)

4. Years ago, I loved these Grapples.photo 5

Now they have Crazy Apples . Have you tried either?photo 1 (7)

5. I took more than advantage of Old Navy’s sale on active wear. I bought a couple pairs of these compression pants that suck all your fat in:pants1pants2

a Go Dry tee:tee

this obnoxious tank that I will either love or hate in person:tank

and three compression jackets. Whoops?cn5461481image

Amanda and I both have the pink jacket and will be crossing the half marathon finish line wearing them. Nerd alert.

6. And why do I work out so much?


True or false? The Goonies was your favorite movie from the 80s.