Jun 28, 2009

Our First Real Post

this is our favorite recipe that we've made. we usually make it with jasmine rice, but since i have an obsession for pasta, we decided to give soba noodles a try. Actually, they are udon noodles, but I'll forgive you this time Xtina.

here it is on the stove, all mixed up. here it is ready to eat:

and because i simply cannot eat something salty without eating something sweet almost immediately after, i decided to make a cobbler. brandon wanted peach. i wanted blueberries. compromising isn't easy but he is so cute i give in.

arranging the fruit:
after baking:

dough on top, ready to bake:
after baking but before brandon could wait to sample it:
we needed french vanilla ice cream too:
about to devour it:

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