Jan 20, 2013

2013 Charleston Half Marathon Recap

We did it. We really did it. On Saturday morning, I woke up at the crack of dawn to run 13.1 miles with my best friend.IMG 2659

I woke up at 6:15 before my alarm clock went off. I'm not even kidding, I might have slept 4 hours total. My body never lets me sleep the night before a flight or a run. It stinks, but it is what it is. I showered, then went right to the kitchen and ate a chunk of cookie dough. Seriously. Then I decided to behave like an adult and make a proper breakfast of toast, peanut butter, and jelly. 

IMG 2638

I also grabbed an orange to eat once we got to the race and some M&Ms if I needed a boost along the run. Who needs GU?IMG 2642
Amanda picked me up around 7 am and we headed to Burke High School where the race began. There were a lot of people; the race's Facebook page said 3,500 people signed up! We waited around for a bit until it was time to go. I was so happy as we crossed over the start line. Amanda said, "I love you!" and I blew her a kiss and we were off! Sister wives on the go!

The first couple miles of the race flew by, mostly because we spent the entire time weaving around people to get ahead. Because of that, we ran our first few miles slower than our typical pace. I think that ended up being a good thing because we weren't too worn out. We ran all around the Battery and up King Street -- two places we often run with traffic and pedestrians. It was pretty awesome having everything blocked off!

During the second half,  I started to get bored, but around mile 8 I just stopped thinking about anything other than "Oh, my God, we're doing this. We're really doing this." At each mile marker, Amanda and I both screamed out a "WOOHOOOOO" but by mile 10, 11, and 12, our screaming turned into a pathetic "woo."

I was so thankful that I had my phone, not only for music, but for inspiration from my friends. You guys are THE BEST!

At mile 11, the people running the full marathon split off, and I got really excited. With only 2 miles left, I knew we were so close to the finish line. This is when I popped 3 green M&Ms in my mouth and let me tell you, they were the BEST I've ever had. Maybe because they were green. Maybe because they were Christmas M&Ms. Or maybe because I had just run 11 miles and anything would have tasted amazing. 

Right after mile 13, we passed Amanda's parents who caught us on video while running and holding hands. We had promised to cross the finish line together. We had trained for nearly 10 weeks and nothing was going to stop us! 408433 10200247762658466 215687386 n
428059 10200247936022800 1139971021 n

As runners crossed the finish line, the announcer called out their names. But when he saw the two of us coming, he yelled out "Holding hands to the finish line, yeaahhhh!! Those two are holding hands!" It was hilarious.

Immediately after, I felt so weird. Carter said I was high as a kite and I think he was right. I could barely talk, let alone form complete sentences. I chugged a can of coconut water and threw back a few more M&Ms. You know me, always pre fueling and refueling with CHOCOLATE! 

According to my Nike + app, here are our results:
IMG 2654

And here are the official results:Screen Shot 2013 01 20 at 10 33 56 PM

When we got back to Mt. Pleasant, Amanda declared that she needed Puree. Of course I was happy to refuel at one of my favorite healthy spots. I had the Tofu Banh Mi with pickled radishes and a creamy sriracha sauce.
IMG 2655

Overall, I loved my first half marathon. Though it was physically demanding, my body was definitely prepared. That said, I'm sure I will be much more mentally prepared for the second one. Second one? Yes, I'm definitely doing another! 29608 10100650761954987 739111671 n

Jan 16, 2013

Unfortunate Events Remind Us How Fortunate We Are

If we're friends on Facebook or you follow me on Twitter, you already know that on Tuesday, 150 Blackbaud employees were laid off. One of those employees was yours truly. I can't say that I was totally shocked, as there had been some changes over the past few months. Blackbaud acquired Convio and there was a lot of restructuring. Apparently they got in over their heads and restructuring meant layoffs. I just can't believe 150 people were affected -- around 50 of us being from headquarters.

While yes, this is frightening, because I will have to find a new job, I'm not scared enough to let it get me down. I know these things happen for a reason, one of which is so that I can find something that is better suited to my passions and skill sets. I did enjoy my position at Blackbaud, but I wasn't working to my full potential or in a place to grow. And I know that I can do that. Something so much better is right around the corner, and during this transition I will stay positive that it will come my way very soon. 

My good friend and her fiancé also worked at headquarters -- she made the cut, but he did not. Soon after leaving the office, she asked if I wanted to come drink some champagne with them. That was an obvious yes. I think we all needed some bubbly to chill out. The irony? We drank out of Blackbaud glasses. ;) Gotta stay humorous.

IMG 2536

That evening, Danielle came right over with presents. She is an angel. She brought me wine, a pickle-shaped wine stopper, hot sauce, candy, movies, magazines, books, and the biggest wine glass I've ever seen. It's so huge that it can be filled with an entire bottle of wine. IMG 2537

This afternoon, Eric was kind enough to take me to lunch at Puree. He had the Deep South Sandwich and I had the Jalapeño Cheddar Burger. Good food is a great distraction!IMG 2545IMG 2547

The outpouring of support I have already received from family, friends, and even strangers has been downright amazing. Those of you who have reached out to me are truly special people and I am so grateful that you're in my life, however that may be. Nobody likes difficult situations; it's human nature to reject change. But when you know in your heart that the change will bring you to a better place, you have to sit back and watch it happen with a smile.

What I'm Loving Wednesday 1.16.13

How are we already two weeks into January? This is just crazy. Before you know it, it'll be February, then Summer…then wait, let's stop. I love Summer.

1. I love this dress. You love this dress. This just screams my name. Thank you, ASOS!

IMG 2461


2. Well it's no wonder I always get called a flirt. Apparently it's just part of my Southern charm! IMG 2434

Isn't that ridiculous? I assumed the book was published in the 70s, but when I texted a picture of it to Sierra, she asked me to check the date. Try 2007. WHAT? This can't be right. Or normal. 

3. I nearly passed out walking down King Street on Saturday when I saw that Steve Palmer of The Indigo Road restaurant group started following me on Twitter. Seriously, I had to stop and fan myself.
IMG 2483

4. Speaking of The Indigo Road, Carter tried an awesome beer at Oak on Friday. I ordered it the next day at The Green Door. Snatch one of these up quick -- they're a seasonal gem!

IMG 2464

5. With the marathon being this Saturday (omg!!), it's taper week. My run on Sunday was short, sweet, and speedy. 3 more days!!

IMG 2508

6. You should download the app "The Now." You get free push notifications with reminders to keep you fully focused on the present. I receive 3-4 messages a day and there's always at least one that makes me smile or check myself. There was even a Lululemon quote one day! The one shown here, though, is one of my favorites.

IMG 2521

I do find it humorous that I received my mindfulness message while listening to Swedish House Mafia. There is no way one can stay calm while listening to their music.

7. This was my view driving over the bridge yesterday morning, just one day after receiving the notification above. Incredible timing, no?

IMG 2532

Pretty, pretty Charleston. Brooke, this one's for you!

Jan 14, 2013

The Birth of Mactina

Congratulations are in order! Over the weekend, I made a serious purchase.

At 13.3” and 4.5 pounds, meet my child, Mactina!DSC_0695

I actually attacked King Street with my debit card on Saturday. photo 1 (1)

Boding was nice enough to carry the child as my bags started building up.image

My motherly instincts should have kicked in by now, right? They have not. I can barely work this thing! I might need to hit up the Genius Bar for some lessons with the senior citizens.

All jokes aside, I’m curious to know what you bloggers use for writing your posts. I currently write with Windows LiveWriter and publish through Blogger. I know, I should have made the switch to WordPress long ago, but that’s another issue. I may continue using my PC to write posts until I figure this out.

Mac users: How long did it take you to get used to your Mac? What are some must-have apps I need?

Bloggers: What the heck do I use to write my posts? I refuse to write in the blogger platform – ick!

Jan 11, 2013

The Friday Five 1.11.13

1. What I’m Reading: How to Train a Wild Elephant. I am fascinated by this book. Each of the 53 short chapters teaches you to slow down and live more mindfully. One of my resolutions this year was to live more simply. I tend to get caught up in too many things and try to get so much done. I end up stretching myself way too thin and stressing out. I quickly read most of the book (typical), but now want to re-read each lesson with more focus and concentrate on each exercise for a week. Hopefully by this time next year I’ll have a much clearer, happier head!

2. What I’m Drinking: Speaking of de-stressing, I found another Yogi tea that I like: Kava Stress Relief. Is this post making me sound like a crazy woman?

I’ve been drinking a cup of this tea with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and honey.

3. Recipes I’m Bookmarking: Not-Too-Virtuous Salad with Caramelized Apple Vinaigrette. I need you all to listen to me: making your own salad dressing is worth the effort. It usually only takes a few ingredients and most recipes are so much healthier than bottled dressings. Some of the ingredient lists on those things are downright scary. Know what you’re eating, people!Not-Too-Virtuous Salad with Caramelized Apple Vinaigrette

4. What I’m Listening to: I hope you want to dance this weekend. Virtually join me and listen in on this song while you’re getting ready to go out.

5. GIFs I’m Loving:




Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend!

Jan 10, 2013

Let The Countdown Begin

In 9 days, Amanda and I are running our first half marathon.

13.1 miles.

We’re ready. We’re ecstatic. We’re nervous. We’re doing this.

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Jan 9, 2013

What I’m Loving Wednesday 1.9.12

1. I need really want this necklace from Tiffany & Co.xneck

I also want this bracelet. It’s only $8,250.xring

I supposed I could settle for this much more affordable Etsy option.il_570xN.368769031_23so

2. After a long run a couple weeks ago, Amanda and I refueled with two of the best sandwiches at Purée: The Deep South Sandwich, which is very similar to a Chick-fil-A sandwich, but made with seitan,photo 2 (1)

and a Blackened Jalapeno Burger, made with tempeh.photo 3 (7)

If you’re thinking about bringing a man friend to Purée, convince him to try one of these and he’ll forget he’s not eating meat.

3. Yesterday I was using too many abbrevs (abbreviations) and my coworker said I sounded like Tom Haverford. I took that as a compliment.photo 1 (1)

4. Years ago, I loved these Grapples.photo 5

Now they have Crazy Apples . Have you tried either?photo 1 (7)

5. I took more than advantage of Old Navy’s sale on active wear. I bought a couple pairs of these compression pants that suck all your fat in:pants1pants2

a Go Dry tee:tee

this obnoxious tank that I will either love or hate in person:tank

and three compression jackets. Whoops?cn5461481image

Amanda and I both have the pink jacket and will be crossing the half marathon finish line wearing them. Nerd alert.

6. And why do I work out so much?


True or false? The Goonies was your favorite movie from the 80s.