May 13, 2010

Mustard Seed Makes Me a Happy Girl

Grammy Orso from Massachusetts arrived Tuesday evening!! Grammy comes down every Spring and every other Christmas. Unfortunately we have to share her with the other half of our family, but it's always exciting when she comes! Grammy's visits typically include a lot of eating out, chocolate chip cookies, and Kelly and I secretly teasing her for getting old. For a grandmother, she's pretty young at just 66 years old. My aunts (more like my sisters) and I keep her in check with reality: she now has a facebook, has learned how to send one text message, and FINALLY learned that you're supposed to keep your cell phone on at all times and not just when you're making calls. (This last lesson took about two years for her to figure out, bless her heart.) She's pretty much the coolest woman in my life because of her cookies, Chicken Marsala, awesome hugs, and the fact that she still calls me her "sunshine" after almost 26 years. I was her first grandchild and I'll always have a special bond with her because of that.

Sappiest post ever.

Onto the food: I met Grammy, Auntie Kelly, and baby cousin Zachary at Mustard Seed in Summerville. Mustard Seed is another one of Sal Parco's creations, with locations in Summerville, Mt. Pleasant, and James Island. The Mustard Seed offers fresh and healthy entrees that include ever-changing specials. They also serve wine, beer, and deadly delicious desserts. If I had to choose, I'd say that Mustard Seed is my favorite local restaurant. The reason for this is that their food is creative, always fresh, and they make great use of seasonal vegetables. They consistently serve great meals and I have never left unsatisfied. Their portions are excellent and fairly priced. 

One of my favorite items from their menu is the Mustard Seed Pad Thai: Thai noodles, shrimp, chicken, fish sauce, egg, mushroom, sprouts, peanuts, fresh cilantro & lime. It's not your typical Pad Thai found in Thai restaurants - the sauce is more of a broth than a paste. It tastes a thousand times healthier, and doesn't sit like a brick in your belly. I carbo-loaded like it was the night before a bridge-run on this dish and enjoyed every bit! They serve the Pad Thai with Sriracha hot sauce and chopsticks for those who are feeling hot and, er, sticky.
Pad Thai with a Camelbak cameo:

Both Grammy and Kelly ordered the Crab Cake special: two crab cakes served over a bed of greens with a buttermilk-chive dressing. I'm not typically a fan of crab cakes, but these were delicious! They were really light and soft. The dressing on the salad was also light, but had a creamy taste. 
The three of us thoroughly enjoyed our meals, and baby Zachary enjoyed his banana and Sesame Street cinnamon cookie sticks. 

Question Time! 
A few of you asked me questions in my Greek Yogurt giveaway post:

Kaye asked "I thought you only BBM?" - Yes, Kaye, I have a severe addiction to BBMing (Blackberry Messaging) but not every one on this planet is fortunate enough to own a Blackberry. SAD FACE. Because some people don't know what "bbming" is, I had to put "text" in my title. Texting is such a throwback activity to Blackberry users, it makes me laugh a little.

Erica challenged me with two questions. She first asked me what my top favorite Charleston restaurants are. That's so tough, but here goes: 
  1. Mustard Seed - Consistently fresh food, reasonable prices, casual, friendly staff.
  2. Mozzo Deli -  Crazy good sandwiches, salads, breakfasts, burgers and desserts.
  3. Baked - A bakery in Charleston that serves ridiculously delicious naughty food
  4. Basil - Thai restaurant in downtown Charleston.
  5. Chick-Fil-A - Ok, I know this isn't a local restaurant, but my God, it's my obsession. It has to be on this list. Go read that post for a laugh or 50.
And my favorite color? LIME GREEN!! My collection so far includes a lime green laptop, camelbak, Blackberry cover, Longchamp tote, key chain, and Victoria's Secret bikini. If it's lime green and under $1,000, I want it. 

Ali asked if when I got my wrist tattoo and if I was glad I got it: I got it when I was the tender age of 18. I don't "regret" it per se, but I don't want it there anymore. I've had it for 8 years and I'm just over it now. Thankfully I can cover it up with a watch so it's not a huge deal. It will be removed eventually though, because I don't want it on me when I have (gasp) children.

Jeny and Terry asked about protein snacks. My ideas are: Greek yogurt, fat free cottage cheese, edamame, hard-boiled eggs w/ hummus, tuna, and Luna bars.

Jessica asked if I'm happy with my body and how I've become so comfortable with it. YES, I am happy with my body. Of course I'd like my stomach to be a tiny bit flatter, but I'd never give up my cookies to have that. I am comfortable with myself because I eat right, work my butt off in the gym, and still indulge occasionally. Eye sexing at the gym and compliments from randos don't hurt my confidence either. 

And as far as the questions about my exercise go, um...can I give y'all Julius' number? All I know is that he pretty much beats me twice a week. On my own time I do a lot of running, push-ups, weighted lunges, assisted pull-ups/dips, leg curls, vodka curls, cartwheels, and booty dancing. The last three items are essential for my success.

I loved the questions, and they were so tame! Keep 'em coming! :)

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  1. Will Grammy te ME to the Mustard Seed?

  2. ahhhhhhhhh! I need to go to Mustard seed stat...Josh would love that pad thai. Thanks for answering my questions. You and Josh and ur lurve of chick fila! Lime green is a sweet color- I have the best lime green dress. Any who-hope the rest of your week is totally sweet

  3. Once again yum. I am going to visit my friends in Charleston for Memorial Day and was just telling a friend today about your blog and how we have to go somewhere good to eat. Your Grammy sounds awesome!

  4. OK - you made my mouth water and me cry a little bit at the same time!! Mustard Seed is MY FAVORITE!! After living in Chas all my life and moving to Tampa 1.5 years ago - that's kind of what I miss the most! HA HA ... Not the family - MY MUSTARD SEED!! shhhhhhhh ;)

  5. Mustard Seed is my fave too! I love the salad with the giant goat cheese medalions! I can't remember exactly what it's called, but you get my drift!

    I love the post about your grammy! I bet she is amazing..I mean..helloooo how could she not be when she's still calling you sunshine! Eat some choco chip cookies for me!!

  6. I love mustard seed yummy!!!! I love that your still loving your cookies, moderation in all things is what I say :)

  7. Aww, your grandma sounds awesome! I have that special oldest grandchild bond with my grandma too. :)

    Glad you guys had fun!

  8. That restaurant sounds delicious!! If I ever make it to SC I will have to give it a try! I love fresh local food. It makes me happy too.

  9. Your Grammy sounds like one awesome grandmother. Glad you all made it out to dinner together - looked excellent!!
    And I was so confused about the bbm until you said what it stood for, haha. Yes, yes I do live in a cave...
    Have fun with your gramm while she's here - update us on how those cookies go

  10. Yeah! We made it on your blog! I read it to Grammy and she got a kick out of it. She said, Does she always write like this? I thought it was just about food!" I think she will start readind it more often now. Haha.
    Auntie Kelly

  11. I've always wanted to visit Charleston. I'm glad you're happy with your body; I think you're beautiful.

  12. Glad you are happy with your body! You dont find many people that say that. You are one lucky women, sounds like your doing something right :)


  13. I WOULDNT BE ALIVE IF MUSTARD DIDNT EXIST.. okay im being dramatic.. right.. lol. xoxo <3

  14. Aww this post makes me miss my grandma! There's nothing more satisfying that eating with your grandma : )

  15. Can I just say that I LOVE how you put chick-fil-a on your list?! Love that place. Your pad thai looks phenomenal!! And I have the same green camelback; I'm surprised it hasn't cameo-ed in any of my foodie photos yet!

  16. Your grandma sounds like an awesome woman, I love that she texts!! Funny that your grandma is the same age as my parents are old, haha. I used to be a BBM addict too, until someone got in a huge fight with me over not responding to their message when they knew I'd recieved it. If only they could get rid of that dang "R" for recieved!

  17. I definitely don't regret my tattoos either. Actually - they're quite addicting... don't know if it was the buzz of the needle or having body art. Hm.

    I have 3 - two of which I designed (and they're fruit!). My mom says I'll be that old woman that when they change my diaper in the Old Folks Home, they say: "hey check it out! She has all these dried, shriveled fruit on her!".

    Oh man!
    PS - Booty dancing = very essential for bootiliciousness.

  18. If I was on death row I think Id pick Pad Thai to be my last meal.

  19. I feel the same way about pink as you do lime green! Although lime green is a pretty rad color. I workout and get no results lately. It's absolute torture not getting results.

    xo enjoy your day!

  20. Your granny is too funny and so young, that is awesome! My grandma used to do the same thing your granny does with her cell phone too. We were like "keep the phone on grandpa." haha!
    Your dish looks awesome! Love Pad Thai!

  21. Aww Grammy sounds great!! And she has a facebook?!? She must be hip. My parents don't even have facebook!

    What kind of tattoo do you have?

  22. I love my grandmother! She is young too (late 70s), but unfortunately she is not good at traveling anymore. I wish I could see her more often! Sounds like a great time with family! You are too funny with the tattoo. Mine is on my ankle and I want one on my upper back, but now that I am older..I can't decide on something that I would want for the rest of my life. It's weird, since I don't regret the one I got when I was 18 and I woud never change it.

  23. Agreed on mustard seed....totally the bomb. (okay wow...can't believe I just it was the bomb...what am I 16? haha!)

  24. Mustard Seed looks amazing!!!!!!! Awwwwwwwwww your grandma sounds so sweet and cool as ever!! I want to come hang out with you and grammy!!!!!

    Have a great Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. BBM? what? I can't use my cell; help!

    I love mustard so your post and I are best friends (as long as I don't have to send it a text)

  26. It sounds like you have one hip grandma! Love it! Mine still doesn't know how to turn on a computer :-( haha.

    Your top five favorite restaurants all sound wonderful. I could definitely use a Baked cupcake RIGHT NOW!

  27. aww Grammy sounds like one of the coolest people around!! haha i love that she brings chocolate chip cookies too :)

    i agree - greek yogurt = picture perfect protein snack!

  28. Lime Green Love in da house! I have the lime green camelback, too, and my computer, mouse, headphones for the ipod, Iphone cover, and work bag are all lime green as well. It's so cheery!

    And Chick Fil A is the bomb! It's the only fast food (other than subway/Jimmy John's/other sub shop) that I eat (usually).

  29. Chick Fil A is seriously AWESOME :)

  30. Thanks for answering our questions - that was fun!

    Lime green is such a fun color :)

  31. I'm WAY late to post due to vacay but LOVE that your g-ma is only 66 and that you guys have her all current - so cute !That pad thai looks like the bomb and thanks for the Charleston recs- i'll be there in July and want BAsil!!! :)

    I didn't know about this wrist tatoo! (gasp have children - LOL)

  32. I have a wrist tattoo too!
    Also, I'm not on Facebook, but your Nana is. She's way cooler than me.