Aug 18, 2010

What's On My Grocery List?

After multiple posts showing all the naughty foods I love to eat/feel I deserve, I thought I'd share with you the staples in my diet. I made a list of what I find myself typically buying at the grocery store. This is a basic list of what I like to have in my pantry or refrigerator at all times. With each item, I have listed its benefits and how I incorporate it into my diet. I have so many friends tell me they have difficulties grocery shopping, so I hope this list helps give some ideas!

Apples: Fiber, vitamin C
Easy way to add to your diet: Just enjoy the whole fruit on its own! Use as an alternative to sweet desserts.

Avocado: Cholesterol-lowering monounsaturated fat, manganese, protein, vitamin K.
Easy to add: Add sliced avocado to your sandwiches or make guacamole as a veggie dip. Or try my avocado "butter" or best guacamole ever.
Beware: Most store-bought guacamole is loaded with soybean oil, sour cream, or other unnecessary ingredients.

Bananas - Vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium
Easy to add: Add sliced banana to pb toast/oatmeal or add frozen bananas to a smoothie.
Warning: Do not eat an unripe banana. Green bananas contain a protein called chitinase that is too difficult for the body to digest. This = stomach pain. Trust me. Speed up the ripening process by keeping them joined to another banana or storing in a brown bag.

Blueberries: have the most antioxidants of all the berries, rich in fiber, vitamins A, C.
Easy to add: to Greek yogurt, smoothies, cereal, or oatmeal.

Carrots: Vitamins A, K, C and fiber
Easy to add: pack baby carrots as a snack with a Greek yogurt based herb dip. Shred over salads.
Cantaloupe:Vitamins A, B6, C, potassium. Loaded with water.
Easy to add: drizzle chopped melon with honey for a healthier dessert. 

Spinach - rich source of omega 3s, Vitamins A,  C and K, manganese, folate, magnesium, iron.
Easy to add: to salads, omelets, or pizza.
Beware: Spinach needs to be washed well as the fibrous stems can collect sand and soil.
Sweet potatoes - Vitamins A and C, manganese, copper, fiber
Easy to add: Sweet potato "fries" or puree with skim milk, maple syrup and cinnamon.
Tomatoes: Vitamins A, C, and K, lycopene (antioxidant)
Easy to add:  Make gazpacho, eat fresh, sliced tomatoes w/ spinach and mozzarella, use lots of ketchup (but watch sodium and sugar levels).

Cinnamon: Manganese, anti-microbial, controls blood sugar
Easy to add: Sprinkle on oats, coffee, smoothies, sweet potatoes.

Garlic:  Manganese, Vitamins B6 and C, allicin (an antibacterial compound)
Easy to add: Saute with any vegetable or chicken. 
Warning: too much garlic and you won't get kissed. :O

Whole Grains:
Barley: Fiber, selenium
Oatmeal: Manganese, selenium, fiber and protein
Easy to add: Best breakfast choice in my opinion! There are endless toppings for oatmeal. Try something new everyday using fruit, nuts, yogurt, flax seed, or nut butters.
Beware: oatmeal packets can be loaded with sugar and unnecessary processed ingredients.

Whole Grain/Whole Wheat bread/pasta: whole grain foods keep insulin levels low, good source of fiber.
Easy to add: a slice of toast with nut butter and banana slices is one of my favorite breakfasts. Use leftover bread to make bread crumbs for baked chicken.
Beware: Please note that "multi-grain" does not equal "whole grain." Multi-grain just means more than one grain. Whole Grain is the entire kernel that has not been stripped of its nutrients.

Chickpeas/Hummus: Fiber, protein, manganese
Easy to add: Use as a vegetable dip or a spread on sandwiches.
Beware: Some hummus have added oils for a creamier consistency. Try making your own in a food processor.

Black beans: Folate, fiber, manganese, protein. Low in calories and have no saturated fat.
Easy to add: add to omelets or salads, toss into your salsa for extra fiber.

Almonds: rich in omega 3s, manganese, vitamin E, protein, fiber
Easy to add: make snack bags to bring to work, sprinkle on salads, oatmeal, or even toss in a smoothie.

Walnuts: have the highest concentration of antioxidants of all the nuts, manganese, protein, fiber

Flax seed: omegas 3s, manganese, fiber
Easy to add: Add to salads, oatmeal, or smoothies. Add to baked goods for extra fiber.

Animal Products:
Chicken:  Vitamin B3, protein, selenium. Chicken is lean and is high in protein which builds your muscles.
Easy to add: My favorite chicken salad

Eggs: Selenium, B12, protein
Easy to add: Hard-boiled eggs are quick snack. Boil a few for your work week - they will last up to a week in your refrigerator. 

Goat/Feta/Mozzarella Cheese: Calcium, protein. How can cheese not be on my list? I mean seriously. These 3 cheeses have the lowest fat content.
Easy to add: Goat cheese and feta add a nice kick to salads or omelets. Mozzarella works great on homemade pizzas. Pair with apples and melons.

Salmon: Vitamins D, B3, and B12, omega 3s, selenium, protein
Easy to add: pair with crackers as a snack, or with eggs for breakfast.

Greek Yogurt: Calcium, phosphorous, vitamin B12, protein. Probiotics found in yogurts boost your immune system by battling bacteria. Not all yogurts have them though. Look for "live and active cultures." Greek yogurt is a great source of protein.
Easy to add: Use for a base for salad dressing or dips, smoothies.
Beware: Many low-fat yogurts are high in sugar. Fage Total 0% yogurt (plain) is your best best with 80 calories, 6g of sugar and 15g of protein.

Snack Bars: many bars I eat have a good amount of protein or fiber in them. I specifically like Luna bars for their protein and wonderful taste, and Gnu Bars for extra fiber.
Beware: Many bars are high-calorie and contain a lot of sugar. I recommend bars that are 200 calories or less if this is just a snack. Pair with a fruit for a great breakfast.

Water, water, water. It's free!

Milk: Iodine, calcium, vitamin D
Easy to add: Use as the liquid in making oats and smoothies. Eat with a cookie. ;)

Juice: If I drink juice, it's always 100% juice.
Beware: juice cocktails or ades - holy added sugar alert.

Red Wine: antioxidants, reservatol. Pinot Noir has the most reservatrol per glass.

***Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist nor do I have any training on this subject matter. All information about vitamins/nutrients came from the Worlds Healthiest Foods site or the book The Food Doctor. I am providing this list solely as an example of my current diet. This list is not comprehensive; we all know I eat a lot of cookies.

In other news:
Thank you so much for all your kind words regarding my shin splints! They feel a lot better! Here's why:

I sat like this at work all day:

Julius (my old trainer) used a ball to roll out the muscles. PAINFUL!
Then I cried.
How creepy am I in this pic? I was laughing so hard bc he didn't know I was taking this! Now he does!
And then I bought 20 Fage Greek yogurts from Publix...Don't judge me! They were on sale!


  1. This was such a handy post! Sorry about your shins! Ooh Fage on Sale!

  2. Thank you for posting about your grocery shopping list. I am the worst grocery shopper. Ever.

    P.S. I hope your shinny shin shins are feeling better!!

  3. 20 Fage greek yogurts?! Ok I won't judge. I just hope you got some honey flavor in their!

  4. i am cracking up laughing right now because of those pictures. you are such a creeper...but i love you! haha. :)

  5. Great list! I used to post my grocery list and what meals I planned to make and I always love to see what others do/buy as well! We have similar staples. hahah the pictures of the shin recovery efforts are awesome

  6. Ahahaha... I'm a sucker for sales, too. And that is why my pantry is STOCKED with cereal. Seriously. I should start serving it at parties to get rid of it all... lol

  7. When I ran track (and got shin splints all the time) people used to tell me to roll bamboo on them...But there really isn't a healthy supply of bamboo in the midwest, so I found that a ball indeed works well! That, and staying off your feet for awhile. Those things hurt! Our grocery lists are so similar it's ridiculous. :)

  8. with the exception of the barley and oatmeal, you and i have the exact same shopping list!

  9. I love grocery posts! What can I say, I have a sickness...I like to know what people eat! Your list looks perfect! I hope those shins feel better! It sucks that every step you take frustrating.

  10. Woah, I like 0% Fage yogurt but 20? Musta been a good deal! Cool.

    Love the pics of you getting your shines better- or worse- depending on how you look at it. And yeah, totally hurts!

    Very cute work shoes. Love them. :)

  11. I am laughing so hard at the pictures. You are going to have yogurt coming out all ends darlin'. I do the same thing, but maybe not that many, lol.

    Tennis ball is an awesome trick, thanks for sharing.

    And your post reminds us - balance is key.

  12. that is such great information! esp the little warnings, I am def the person that can miss those! I might just copy and paste this post and put it on my fridge!

  13. Cinnamon and garlic are two spice staples of mine too! But I think you should add cayenne though! That stuff is wondrous!

    And I like spicy things so its yummy too. Hahah. Great post! I was thinking of doing something similar. Might actually get around to it soon!

  14. Great list! That looks pretty similar to what I eat daily, when not abiding by this STRICT comp diet- ughhh, I miss avocado like crazy:( Just a few more months and then I'll eat my weight in it...sorta:)

    Glad your shins are feeling better! :)

  15. Great list. Very similar to mine.

    Do you have a foam roller? They're great for shin splints.

  16. LOL - love the pic of your trainer! I will have you know that I added a little spoonful of almond butter to my smoothie this afternoon thanks to your PBJ post! :)

  17. I love your grocery list. I keep a very similar list myself and it much easier to plan meals out when you see what you have written down.

    Two thumbs down for shin splints!

  18. Super healthy food list.
    No you don't look creepy in this picture, you look sweet!

    I cannot believe Fage yogurt is so popular in US. For some reason is really funny to me, hihi

  19. Aside from the chicken and fish, your food staples are basically my food staples :) And great ideas on how to incorporate these deeeeelish foods into the diet.

    How jealous am I over your super supply of Fage? Gah! They don't sell it up here in Canada, so I'd settle for even 1/4 of the amount you bought... lucky duck.

  20. That's interesting about unripe bananas! I know that they taste absolutely terrible, but I didn't know they could actually cause stomach pain!

    Ditto to Amanda's comment about not getting Fage in Canada. Major bummer. :(

  21. dude what I would give to have that sort of fage supply right now!! And I loved your list - really helpful!

  22. thanks for the food ideas! i should really try flaxseed one of these days, and greek yogurt. everyone seems to be obsessed! :)

    hope your leg gets better soon!

  23. I don't judge you for buying all those yogurts... I'm just jealous!

  24. Shin splints are the worst! I still occasionally struggle with them. I've never tried to roll a tennis ball along them... don't really know if I could force myself to be in pain.

  25. "and then I cried" HAHA - you're too freakin' cute!

    Our staples are almost identical... good choices :)

  26. OMG you're such a creeper in that photo but I looooooooove it!

    I do the same thing with greek yogurt---hey, we gotta save money wheree we can right?

  27. Mmm, Fage is my favorite greek yogurt - I would have bought 20 if they were on sale, too! And I love the creepy picture of your trainer...that's so something I could see myself doing. :-) Glad your shins are better!

  28. I need to try Fage! I had it a while back, but I don't think I liked it.

    Thanks for your grocery list!!
    <3 jess

  29. I applaud your grocery list - that's great stuff, And "then I bought 20 fage greek yogurts from publix" cracked me up!! Thanks for sharing - I love nutritional information.. Would you recommend The Food Doctor? This is a great post!

  30. Great list and tips! I'm going to try your avocado butter! I would never have thought to add honey to avocado, but I'm guessing that it's delish.

    Glad to hear your legs are feeling better!

  31. Don't forget about crushed red pepper- you should eat it everyday for the capsacin to increase your metabolism! AND something I learned (and tried!) this week- bison/buffalo steak! Tastes alot like beef, but has LESS fat and calories, MORE protein than beef, chicken OR fish!! YOWZA!!

  32. Great Post! We have similar shopping lists (unless i go to the store hungry). I am really bad about coming home and actually fixing dinner using all my great stuff. I normally snack here and there or go out to eat. I wish I could get better about preparing a meal, sitting down and enjoying it...

    One of those things to add to my list...

  33. That is the grocery list of champions. I've never tried Barley, although it's been on my list of things to try for awhile.

    Thanks for posting--and glad to hear your shin splints are getting better!

  34. Love the break-down of your grocery list--it's always fun to analyze what is in the food you are eating! Ooo you poor thing--I used to get shin splints in sports and they KILLED!

  35. Loove this grocery list!! It always feels good to know you're buying things with lots of vitamins/etc! And I am convinced you own the cutest shoes ever. And that you take the best creeper pics ever =D

  36. great list! thanks so much for the nutrition information. even when i know the info., i love reading about healthy foods and their benefits! haha you snuck in pictures at the gym when your old trainer wasn't looking. creeeeper ;)

    sooo, we'll be seeing lots of yogurt recipes on the blog? hehe

  37. Thanks for the AWESOME list! Just are you gonna eat 20 yogurts before they go bad?

  38. That is a great list, and no shame in buying 20 yogurts- I would be able to clear those out in a week tops!
    Love the pics..and those gold sandals!! So cute!

  39. Haha, 20 Fage yogurts, I love it. I've been known to buy three bags of apples at once, so I don't judge. Glad your shin splints are feeling better, even if it did hurt to massage them out!!

  40. Your grocery list sounds like mine. So sorry about yr splints. Glad they are better now. xx

  41. love the healthy clean list! :) ahh the tennis ball on the muscles is so painful sometimes!! feels so good afterwards though!

    I do the same thing with greek yogs when they go on sale! esp when they are 10/$10

  42. Love seeing peoples grocery list's!!!

    We have similar ones for sure, LOVE apples and SPINACH is a must every week for me, as is greek yogurt and almond milk!

    HOLY GREEK YOGURT!!!!!! U must of got a great deal to get so many! I bet the checkout guy was looking at you with all those yogurts! lol! love it! I would of bought all those too if for a good deal!

    I hope your shin splints are all better , that is not fun : p

    Love you girl and its almost the weekend!!!!!!!!

  43. this post is SO helpful - thank you!! love that you included benefits, too :)
    SO jealous of all that Greek yogurt - send that sale this way!!

  44. loved this post! hope your shin splints are getting better and OMG greek yogurt hahaha

  45. haha NO judging here about the fage! they are like, over 2 dollars each at the stores by me. So upsetting because they are sooo yummy!
    and i agree with so much of the food you posted! apples are my favorite, and unripe bananas give me a stomachache too. thats ok, bc i like them when they have the brown spots =).
    and cinnamon is def my favorite spicee. soo tasty! cant go wrong with a cinnamon & sugar combo!
    for shin splints, I remember someone telling me to freeze those tiny paper cups with water, and then peel down the paper part and just rub the "ice" on the shin splint. I think I did that when I had them a few years ago.
    hope they heal soon!! =)

  46. I love your list! I also love / hate the word manganese. ;)

    shin splints = ouchy. sorry.

  47. The photo with your trainer is hilarious! I have yet to try Fage, day!!

  48. I'd kill for that yogurt! And, virtually the same grocery list!

  49. I love your list and your shoes :) Shin splints are the worst, I hope you're feeling better!

  50. I have that feeling too. I always show such random meals on my blog because I don't post everything I eat...but my grocery list always has items just like yours.

  51. Oh I so feel you girl on the shin splints. Only I'm scared mine is a stress fracture because it hurts in one particular spot. I've got a half marathon to run, I can't be having shin splints! Feel better soon. :)

  52. WHY have I never been on your blog before???? I don't know!!! I love it!! Glad I found you...sorry about your shins :( Good thing you have a smart trainer rolling out those muscles!!!