Feb 2, 2012

goPerformance Round 2, New Workout Playlist

Last week I blogged about going to goPerformance, a new program at East Shore. They offered a second week of trial classes, so naturally I signed up for two more sessions.

This week’s class session was set up in the same fashion as last week: 8 different activities done for 45 seconds with a 15 second switch before the next one. After each round of 8 activities is a 2-minute break, followed by another round of 8, another 2-minute break, then a third round. Make sense?

In other words,  we did 3 rounds of 8 activities for 45 seconds each. With the breaks, it’s a total of 30 minutes. A tough 30 minutes. During the 2-minute breaks you can rest, run laps, or, if you’re like me with a dead knee, you can do cartwheels and swing in the hanging rings. Yes, that’s what I did on the “breaks.” I’m a former gymnast and sometimes I just want to play!

The workout:IMAG1685

1. Sumo Squat to Upright Row with Kettlebells – IMAG1682

Holding the kettlebell in front of you, squat, rise, then do an Upright Row. Like this:


2.  45* High row with hip abduction - IMAG1676

With one leg out at a 45* angle and the other flat and extended towards the rope, hold onto the rope with both hands, lean back, then lift yourself to standing position. The farther you extend your standing food, the more of a challenge this is.

3. Plank Rope Pulls – IMAG1677In plank position, use one arm to tug the rope towards you for half the 45 seconds. Switch arms for the second half and tug the rope the other way.

4. Burpee to wall ball – IMAG1678Placing hands on top of the medicine ball, complete one burpee and then throw ball at target. When ball lands, repeat with the next burpee to wall ball.

5. Half Rope Climb – IMAG1679Holding at the top of the rope, feet extended out, walk your arms down the rope until you are almost flat on the floor (backside down). Climb yourself back up. Repeat.

6. Side-to-Side Medicine Ball Slams – Lift the medicine ball over your head and slam it down to the ground, rotating your body to the side as you throw. Pick up the ball and throw to the opposite side.

7. Russian Kettlebell Swings  - IMAG1681This was the most difficult for me, but by far the most effective, in my opinion. Here’s what you do:


8. Suspended Mountain Climbers – Place hands in the rings and feet on foot pads. Extend into suspended plank position and climb that mountain!! These suck in a good way.IMAG1683

Whew, enough of that! I’m pretty sure I saw stars after that workout and I’m not talking about the ones in the sky.

Many of you often ask what I listen to when I work out. To be honest, it totally varies, but here’s some of what I have been listening to lately. Clink links for videos.

That has got to be the most random assortment of music ever.  Congratulations if you know half of those songs. Let me know if you do. Enjoy!