Jan 27, 2011

While You Are Funemployed…

The job hunt has begun. Although finding a new career can be frightening, the transition period is all in what you make it.

Things to do while Funemployed:

Indulge in an obnoxious amount of sweets. As soon as I told Tyler on Tuesday night, he said “See you soon. I’m bringing milkshakes.” 20 minutes later, I was eating a cookie dough milkshake while black mascara ran down my face. Is that normal?

Yesterday, Boding came over with 2 Lil Chiperoo cookies from Whole Foods. DSC_2170He wouldn’t leave without me trying one. These things are ridiculous. Two chocolate chip cookies filled with icing, then dipped in chocolate. Go to WF and get one right now. Thank me later. DSC_2174
Tonight, Ashley and I are going to O-ku for sushi and champagne. Her nursing school mentor is taking us out. We’re going to celebrate our future! Even though I’ve ditched the crutches, there is a 99.9% chance that I will be wearing flats.
Work out, work out, work out some more. You can’t indulge in milkshakes and Lil Chiperoos unless you’re balancing it out with exercise. Plus, exercise is a great way to relieve stress and maintain a focus on what’s important. I typically go to Eco in the afternoon, but have always preferred morning workouts. Now I can! The only issue is less babe-watching. Mornings at Eco = hanging with the Mt. Pleasant mommies. They’re my idols though! I have lots of love for moms who still make it to the gym each day. Especially Katie! :)

Get smarter. I wasn’t sure when I’d find time to attack the pile of books I rented the other day, but now I have no excuses! Last night while watching American Idol with Lucy, I started reading How to Taste: A Guide to Enjoying Wine. Did you guys know that Riesling is pronounced as “reece-ling”?

Put yourself out there. I am by no means a chatterbox, but I will talk to anyone and everyone. I just like people a lot and have found that most people are inherently good and willing to help those in need. After blogging about the layoff and posting a funemployment status on fb, I have been contacted by several people about job opportunities. I have an interview tomorrow with a publishing company, too! :)

Thank you all for your sweet comments regarding my situation. Every bit of compassion helps me stay positive.

Stay tuned for a lot of fun blog posts in the near future. You’ll be seeing a review of The Rice Market, a giveaway, and the unveiling of a best friend’s blog! Also, if there are any topics you’d like to see more of on my blog, now is the time to let me know.

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