Jan 31, 2011

Why I Have Issues, Round 1

Trust me when I say that there will be a round 2. And maybe a 3 and 4. I am a strange chick.

1. I get an obscene amount of magazines each month. In just one day, I received four.health magazine (2)What’s worse, when I stopped at Publix for just flour, I picked up another because I couldn’t resist the cover. bon appetit magazine (1)

2. I get wayyyyyyy too excited about new food finds. I nearly peed my pants (dress?) when I saw the four new Fage Greek yogurt flavors. If you look really closely, you can see my tongue sticking through my teeth. I am that excited.

new flavors: strawberry goji, cherry pomegranate, blueberry acai, mango guanabana00fage greek yogurt

3. Every single time I bake, I have some sort of a fail. A burn. A cut. A slice. I dropped this. I splattered that. I broke a utensil. It’s always a surprise. On Friday, I baked these swirled blondies for Amanda’s birthday. blondies In an attempt to easily cut the bars, I thought flipping them out of the pan seemed like a good idea. Okay, NO. I dropped a chunk of them on the floor. fs

4. I spend too much time at Chick-fil-A. Not that there can be such a thing…but…I went there twice today. It wasn’t my first time doing a double-drop-in either. They know me by name, they slap me five…do they worship me? I got this facebook comment from Caroline today: toomuchchickfila

OF COURSE it was me!

5. I cannot do anything without making a mess. While looking for my passport, I destroyed my bedside table drawers. Hurricane Xtina at her best. hurricane xtina

6. I actually cannot dress myself. I don’t know how to match articles of clothing to make an outfit. I seek out fashion advice from my awesome blogger friend, Holly. She was so kind and made me a collage of ideas on how to wear my peach sequin skirt. I love her for this!

7. My nicknames include Hot Mess and Messtina, No explanation necessary.

8. I find joy in hula hooping. DSC_2257

Do you hate me now?