Nov 2, 2011

Freaky Eats On Halloween at FIG, New Hair?

I like Halloween. A lot. I think it’s so much fun getting into costume, and I’d be totally okay with dressing up every weekend. I’m already pondering outfit ideas for next year. Maybe I should right my wrong by being a Devilthis year and dress up as an Angel.

Although actual Halloween fell on work night, I was easily convinced to go out. First, my friend Eric encouraged me to go to the Cirque de Noir party at Mellow Mushroom. Second, my boss told me, “Go out. Have fun. It’s not like your boss will be breathing down your neck tomorrow.” He works remotely in Reno. Ha!

So I was sold on going to the party, and then majorly sold when Eric asked if I wanted to go to FIG for drinks and food beforehand. FIG (Food is Good) is one of those restaurants that has been high up on my list of places I’ve wanted to try. Chef Mike Lata is dedicated to serving fresh, locally-sourced ingredients on his menu and this was evident in each dish we were presented.image


Somewhat pressed for time, we opted to sit at the bar and split  few appetizers.



Oh, pâté. You are so unhealthy, yet so delicious. I had high hopes for the fig mustard, but it wasn’t what I expected. I stuck with the yellow mustard and was a happy girl.


This was definitely my first time trying beef tartare, which Eric highly recommended. I certainly was not expecting  mound of raw beef to be presented in front of me, but hey, it was Halloween – bring on the freaky stuff. The texture was wonderful, but I thought it lacked flavor. Those “maxim potatoes” (chips?) were incredible. I ate most of them.

Our third appetizer was very interesting.image


Ever had a coddled egg? Crazy good. The intense creaminess of the egg made up for the fact that it was sitting in  ramekin with funghi, all of which I avoided.

After several savory dishes, I was ready for something sweet. Wait, when am I not ready?

Chocolate budino with sea salt, caramel and hazelnut.IMAG0864

The bartender told me we wouldn’t finish this and, astonished, I told him “Oh, yes, I will.” My eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach. This was incredibly rich (and delicious) and I only ate  few spoonfuls. Each bite, laced with with silky caramel and topped with se salt crystals and hazelnut bits, was heavenly.

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So, on Halloween, I ate like a freak.

  1. chicken liver
  2. raw beef
  3. mostly raw egg
  4. bowl of chocolate

It was interesting to say the least. I’ll definitely return to FIG to try their main entrees.

In other news, for the past month  I have been contemplating going to the dark side this winter. By that I mean, going brunette. I told my hairdresser and she crossed her eyes at me. I think she fears I’ll hate it. For fun, I started playing on, an online makeover tool. IT IS SO FUN! Look what I’ve done to myself. makeover(3)

Haaaaa! You can totally see my real hair sticking out at the bottom, but this made me laugh. Check out long hair. makeover(2) Horrendous!! That is Sophia Bush’s hair, btw. I cannot have long hair. I wouldn’t know what to do with it, other than use it as a blanket for my neck.

Do you change your hair color per season? I typically do not, other than sticking to only highlights in the Summer, rather than both highlights and lowlights the rest of the year.

Have you, or would you ever, eat raw meat? I have no fears in trying new foods. The words salmonella and e.coli mean nothing to me.