Nov 28, 2011

Well, This IS Weird

Yeah, I know, I do a lot of weird things. I don’t care. My life is fun and interesting and I’m keeping it that way. After lunch and shopping with Amanda on Saturday, I met up with Ashley at Barnes & Noble. Knowing that we’d be there for quite a bit and that it’s always super chilly in the store, I made a pit stop at Palmetto Moon for a snuggie:imageDon’t be fooled. That is not me and I did not get extensions. Funny thing is, Ashley spent the entire afternoon wearing it and she hates football. Turns out she’s the hypothermic one in our relationship.

Now here is where things get strange. I’m sure all of you girls had a favorite Disney movie growing up? Right? Ok, well mine was by far The Little Mermaid. I wanted to be a mermaid SO bad that when I swam in the pool, I’d cross my ankles and pretend I had a tail. True story. I also thought that Eric was the hottest cartoon character I had ever seen. image

Ashley and I decided we wanted to stay in and watch movies so we stopped by Blockbuster on the way home. We perused the aisles in search of a comedy. This was found. It may or may not be my biography.IMAG1075

Flatter myself? Don’t mind if I do. And I am serious about the crazy part. After nixing this movie and discovering The Little Mermaid in the next aisle, I demonstrated to Ashley how I used to swim in the pool. IMAG1077

Yeah, 0% normal right there. So, we watched The Little Mermaid on a Saturday night with a bottle of red wine. NOT SORRY.

No hangover in sight on Sunday morning, Rachel and I decided to go for a run on the beach. The weather was glorious: sunny and in the 70s. Can’t beat that at the end of November. IMAG1082

We walked/ran about 6 1/4 miles. It was so nice to be outside. Better running on the beach than getting lost in the currents…378658_691937614496_18500887_35548338_173516727_n383806_691937454816_18500887_35548337_1970563561_n

Favorite Disney movie?

Do you like running on the beach?