Nov 23, 2011

What I’m Loving Wednesday

1. Twitter! Cannot stop tweeting. (@christinaorso) I thought it was the stupidest thing for so long, but now I’m borderline crazed for it. Weird. Last night I may have gotten one of the best pics tweeted to (at?) me: image

My twitter (and hopefully soon real life) friend Holly sent me these name tags that I am 100% sure I need in my life. She’s also sending me a recipe for “husband-getter gingerbread cookies.” YUM. Stay tuned for those…

2. On Monday, Kaye and I went downtown  for a run. After I parked and was about to step out of the car, some man drove right into my door. Now this wouldn’t have been a big deal, had I not been wearing the most obnoxious/embarrassing shirt I own. I had to stand on the street for nearly an hour like this while the cops wrote the report.  I realize I look like a complete jack ass. Just laugh with me…IMAG1021

3. I’m now a fan of Starbucks – mostly because my friend Brandy works here. Charleston friends: if you stop by the location across from Town Center, tell Brandy I love her. She is the greatest. While working here, I enjoyed this delicious Spinach, Feta & Cage-Free Egg White Breakfast Wrap:IMAG1044

I was really impressed with it. And yes, my computer has an “xtina” label on it. Just in case. Here’s what it really looks like: image

4. The playlist I used for the Pajama 5K on Saturday. image

5. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Have a great one!