Nov 27, 2011

So Much to Do on Saturdays!

Thank heavens for the weekend. As much as I love being a busy lady, I crave the weekends that I have absolutely nothing planned. Reason #29875928479832769826 it is fun to be single: no obligations to anyone but yourself!

Amanda and I regularly take a kickboxing class at East Shore, and we adore our instructor, Nicole. She is so motivating and thorough and we both really enjoy her class. Nicole also teaches Barre classes Go Figure Studio. She offered Amanda and I free spots in one of her classes, and this Saturday we stopped in.image

This “Figure Method” incorporates Pilates, yoga, and classical ballet techniques. We worked in a room with a padded floor surrounded by mirrors with bars attached. image(via)

During the class we used body resistance, light weights, a small ball, and bands. We focused on our arms, thighs, bums (“seat”),  back, and abs – it was a great full body workout. I’d love to go to the classes regularly, but they’re not cheap and I am already a member elsewhere.

After class and a shower, we had lunch at Verde, a new salad-based restaurant downtown on King St.imageAt Verde, the options are endless. You choose your base (greens), add your toppings, cheese, and a protein, choose a dressing and get it chopped, mixed, or in a wrap. They also have “Signature Creations” in case you need help deciding. I opted for a mixed salad with romaine and added chicken, black beans, chickpeas, shredded carrots, beets, mandarin oranges, and goat cheese with a fat-free raspberry vinaigrette. It was shaken and put in a nice deep bowl. DSC_0909 (1280x853)

The convenience factor and the amount of toppings you can choose from is awesome. Ideally I’d top it with one of everything, but I’d need like four bowls! The only downfall that I noticed is both times I’ve been to Verde, they skimp on the protein like whoa. :( My muscles wanted more chicken!DSC_0910 (1280x853)

But the interior really makes me smile. So much lime green! And on the wall, you can read “green” in multiple languages! How fun.DSC_0912 (1280x853)

Verde on Urbanspoon

After lunch, we shopped for a bit. At a new jewelry store in Town Center,  I found the most interesting clutch I have ever seen. It was brass knuckles + a clutch in one.


Major eek or major fancy? I did not purchase this.IMAG1069

Have you ever tried a Barre class? Thoughts?

What are your favorite salad toppings? I love mandarin oranges and beets on my salad. Sliced almonds are always a bonus while goat cheese is a must!