Jul 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Megan!

today is brandon's sister's birthday. she's 20! (one more year, honey). brandon made 4 different types of burgers, corn on the cob, and asparagus. and i made the healthiest cake that i know of: angel food cake. one type of burger was an asian burger. the meat was mixed with sweet chile sauce before it was grilled. it was topped with a roasted red pepper and some ginger coleslaw from whole foods. the other burgers were topped with either boursin, american, or blue cheese. everyone just added the toppings they wanted and enjoyed them on some whole-wheat buns.

megan and her friends at the table, with brett:

let me tell you what brett is thinking: "hurry up and take the stupid picture so i can eat. i ran like 6 miles today at the gym and there's a burger in front of me. i want it in my mouth." right b?

as for my cake...i stole the recipe from my hero, alton brown. all i have to say about angel food cake is eggs eggs eggs and whip whip whip. angel food cake recipes call for TWELVE egg whites. yep. at least you get your practice cracking eggs. and it involves so much whipping with the electric beater my hand went a little numb. just kidding. but it did get tingly. the recipe can be found here:


isn't alton so cute?? and bald?!

the cake came out so light, yet moist, and heavenly. no wonder why they call it angel food cake. i topped it with some sliced strawberries and we wished the no-longer-a-teenager a happy birthday. soooooomebody forgot to buy candles, so she blew out the flame of a lighter. haha.

brandon's serving. with ice cream. haha.

the little nugget and me with her cake:

normal people:

a better one:


  1. Awwww! Happy Birthday to Megan! What a way to celebrate- the cake looks wonderful

  2. note to brandon in that last picture: legs closed please, we don't need to see the mouse escaping from the house.

    also, i am currently LOVING the cake. i want it now! :)