Aug 15, 2009

Breakfast Sandwiches

These are probably the strangest breakfast sandwiches you've ever seen. They aren't cute. You don't love them already--I can tell. It's okaaaaay. Because I know what they taste like. Until you do, don't judge them. They're chubby and have an unusual combination of ingredients. But they're healthy, and just one of these babies kept me full for hours.

With the unused ground turkey from last night's pasta dish, I formed little patties and browned them in a pan over medium-high heat. Brandon fried two little eggs and placed them inside toasted high fiber English muffins. We used Egg Beaters for this recipe, but feel free to substitute other eggs as desired.

So what's that white stuff on the top bun? And that red stuff on the bottom?

Goat cheese & home made strawberry jelly.

Don't laugh.

Don't run to the bathroom.

Just try it.

***Special thanks to Callie for helping me edit this post! :) Check out her hilarious blog!

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  1. hey- on your goat breakfast sandwiches.. try using brie cheese and strawberry jelly. and maybe perhaps a jalapeño. get a fresh jalapeño tho.. you'll have to cook it till its soft.. it compliments the cheese and jelly well.