Aug 16, 2009

Greek Yogurt War

Greek yogurt is on my mind...pretty much all of the time.
Apparently, so is rhyming.

We blindfoldedly (ooh! new word!) taste-tested 3 popular Greek yogurt brands (all in Honey flavor): Fage, Oikos, and Voskos. I occasionally eat Chobani, but I couldn't find the Honey flavor at Publix or Whole Foods.

So we seriously rolled out of bed and I blindfolded Brandon...Ehhh this seems backwards...

We had three separate spoons so the flavors wouldn't mix, and I fed him a bite of all three and made him describe them. Then he blindfolded and fed me. Is this rated R content? I think so. If you're under the age of 18, please x out of this window and go back to playing on If you're over the age of 18, please admire the following photos:

NO, I don't share. Nor do I give out samples.I'm very pleasant in the morning:

Here's how we described the yogurts, in the order that we sampled them:
Oikos: thick, mild honey flavor, tangy
Fage: more honey, no tang, not as thick, less "Greek", sweeter
Voskos: honey tastes like applesauce, not thick but thicker then the previous, tangy applesauce

too sweet, not creamy, bad aftertaste, watered down
Voskos: not much honey, sweet, fermented rotten apples, more like regular yogurt, eww this tastes like old apple juice
Oikos: tangy, thick, creamy, slight/just enough honey


We refused to finish the Voskos -- gah it was awful! I'll give the brand a chance and try another flavor but ehhh that honey was disgusting.

I added some almond butter & strawberry jelly to an English muffin and we headed to the beach!=

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  1. The plain Voskos is really good, I don't like the flavored Voskos'