Oct 7, 2009

Free Breakfast, Paid Lunch, Free Dinner

This morning I woke up and reallly did not want oat bran. I was confused. I thought a cold breakfast sounded much nicer. Maybe because it's still summer weather here! A couple of weeks ago I received a sample of General Mills Total Blueberry Pomegranate so I decided to try it out.

With skim milk and sliced banana:


I was not impressed. I tasted a hiiiiiiiiint of blueberry and pomegranate, but nothing spectacular. I prefer the blueberry Special K. That stuff is delicious, especially with vanilla soy milk! Sure, you do get way more of your daily vitamins in Total, but I'd rather get them elsewhere...Blah.

Nutritional Info from General Mills:

With only 4 grams of fiber, I was hungry much sooner than I if I had eaten oat bran. I ate the rest of my banana an hour later...then by 1, I was definitely ready for lunch!

I made a delicious wrap!

-flat out multi-grain wrap
-boar's head parmesan pesto ham
-cabot reduced fat cheddar
-a ton of baby spinach
- honey mustard
- carrots on the side

Thennnn, lucky me, auntie Kelly invited me over for dinner again. She made a Williams-Sonoma recipe: Braised Pork Loin with Sage. Holy s-word it was good. A copy of the recipe can be found here.

On the side we had herbed potatoes:

and green beans:

Eeeek,  I need to paint my nails!


  1. Fun dinner with the Auntie- WS has a lot of really great recipes on their website. Almost Friday!

  2. all this amazing food at no cost to you? props, girl.. props!