Nov 18, 2009

Avgolemono I love you

I can barely pronounce this soup, but I sure did learn how to shovel it into my mouth. I bought a box of Orzo because, well, it's so similar to my last name that it makes me smile. I knew I wanted to eat it. 

Avgolemono is a Greek soup made with egg, lemon juice, and broth. It literally translates to "egg-lemon." Rice, pasta and strips of chicken or meat are cooked in the broth, then the egg-lemon mixture is slowly incorporated so that the egg does not boil.  

Speaking of Greek things, I'm convinced Brandon is of Greek descent. I've always been fascinated with different nationalities' physical traits and being able to tell someone's heritage based on them. One day I actually told B I thought he was Greek and compared him to pictures of men I found by googling "Greek Men." Haha. Here are some examples of what I found: 

Woooooooo. Especially #4. Rarrrrrr!


This Cooking Light recipe for Avgolemono was so awesome. We devoured it on Sunday night, had leftovers for lunch on Monday, and then I decided to make it again so we could eat it during the week. It's that good. 

Side note: I bought this grater because 1. orange is cute, and 2. the attachment catches everything it grates. LIE! Look what happens!

I didn't realize I grated double the amount I needed, but I'm glad I did because it was a perfect amount for the soup. Besides using twice as much grated carrot and omitting added salt, I followed the recipe exactly.



  1. Sounds really interesting! Def never had something like this. Is #4 available? I need to know ASAP ;)

  2. I've never had it with noodles or meat, just rice, but it is soooo good! Yours looks awesome.

  3. Hey Chef Christina!

    I told you Friday night that I would check out your blog and now I have...everything looks edible! haha. Let me know when you open the restaurant.

    -Random guy from MUSC Oyster Roast

  4. number four in gypsy...

  5. Who is the first one?