Feb 27, 2010

¡Me gusta comer en Mozzo Deli!

A huge wine-o headache this morning made going to the gym really difficult. Before I left, I chugged a glass of milk, filled up my Camelbaby and nibbled on this aaawesome Luna Bar.
This flavor is perfect for breakfast -- sweet enough to wake you up, but not too much in the morning. And that bottom creamy layer is delish!

The gym was NOT fun today. 11 AM is must be Hippie Hour; I saw four or five women walking out of a "class" with no shoes on. GROSS!!! I hope I never pass out and fall into feet sweat puddles. I did 50 minutes of cardio and got the heck out of there. When I got home I ate one of my new favorite fruits:
So juicy.

Today I tutored Spanish for the first time since college. And old friend I grew up with is in Spanish 101 -- love that level's vocab: mochilas, escritorios, y pantalones. We met at Starbucks where I picked up a skinny caramel latte for $100, and then headed next door to my favorite deli in Mt. Pleasant:

I've been in love with this deli since it opened last Spring. I think B and I ate there on a weekly basis when it first opened. Their menu is HUGE. The owner, Shannon Campbell, is from Connecticut (!!) and clearly knows how to make a sandwich....or 50. There are over 30 different types of creative sandwiches on their menu, including the northern favorites Eggplant Parmesan and Meatball Parm. They also have 10 kinds of burgers, 7 kinds of salads, and a ton of fresh dishes in their display case. These vary daily, but I always happen to see the orzo feta salad, fruit salad, and potato salad. And just when you start feeling overwhelmed by your million choices written on the chalkboard menus...you turn your head a bit to the left and see a BREAKFAST MENU! Yep, you could really eat here all day long. Choices include breakfast sandwiches, omelets, french toast, bagels, croissants, muffins and danishes. 

Last Sunday when my Blackberry crashed, I went straight to Mozzo upon awakening to cure me of my depression. I got the Honey Slide - roasted turkey, crisp bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato & honey mayo....but no mayo for me. It was huge and tasted so fresh.

Today's lunch was The Roma - prosciutto, ham, provolone, tomato, balsamic vinegar & oil on a ciabatta roll. I asked for Mozzarella instead and it definitely made me feel like I was in Rome again...in Mt. Pleasant. 

What I love most about their sandwiches is that they don't skimp on anything and all their ingredients are matched so well. 

Other favorite sandwiches that I've had include the following:

  • Southern  Smoke - slow smoked seasoned pork shoulder, our own bbq sauce, cheddar cheese & grilled onions
  • Chicken  Caprese – marinated grilled chicken, basil pesto, asiago & sun dried tomatoes
  • Fusion - roasted turkey, Brie, chipotle raspberry sauce & field greens
  • Rachael - pastrami, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese & Russian dressing
  • Colorado  Roots - roasted turkey, cream cheese, bacon, guacamole & salsa w/lettuce & tomato
  • The  Driller - hot roast beef, muenster cheese, frizzled onions & dijonnaise ( frizzled onions are super thin cut, dredged in seasoned flour and quick fried)
  • Dig The Fig - prosciutto, grilled onions, asiago cheese & fig preserves (panini style is the way to go with this one!)
My favorite breakfast omelet is the Whitey - fresh spinach, onions, grilled turkey & Swiss w/ egg whites.

When I went up to pay, I mentally drooled at the baked goods and spotted something new: Heath Bar Cupcakes! I told the owner they looked amazing and he told me to eat one...The  South Carolina obesity rates popped into my oversized head and I sweetly told him "Nahhh, gotta behave!" But then he said "If I give you one, will you eat it?" My response: "HECK YES I WILL EAT IT! AND BLOG ABOUT IT TOO!"

It was a deal.

The cupcake was really moist! It was a good ole classic chocolate cupcake topped with vanilla frosting and Heath bar crumbles. 

If you haven't been to Mozzo yet, please do yourself a favor and GO GO GO! Go everyday. Fall in love with the restaurant, and to thank me, pick me up before your next visit. Thanks.

After we ate, we took advantage of their free wi-fi and studied some Español and then played with Garrett's webcam!! Hahahha I love those things!

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  1. I have to try that place...looks soooo good! We went back to Charleston's Cafe for brunch this morning- amazingness. The girls coming out with no shoes on were probably taking body flow :) Its a yoga class and you're not supposed to wear shoes haha

  2. This blog is so cute. I love it.

  3. who new Connecticut-ers had such a knack for sammies? this far surpasses any deli sandwich I've seen 'round these parts!

  4. I'm going to have to try The Roma. Thanks for the idea.

  5. Had lunch there for the first time today, and it was awesome! Southern Smoke on panini was delicious.