Feb 17, 2010

Chicken, Chicken Everywhere

Yesterday was my third training session. It wasn't as hard as last week but it was definitely another good work out. My abs hate my trainer, but this is probably a good thing. He told me I to add more protein to my diet, such as adding an an egg with my normal breakfast cereal/oats, and eating a half of can of tuna for lunch. That seemed boring to me, so I decided to make chicken salad. In my chicken salad I like fruit , nuts, and honey, but I despise mayonnaise. Then it occurred to me that I had a honey Oikos in my fridge....why not use that in place of mayonnaise? Greek yogurt has a good amount of protein, too!

I mixed together the following:
  • 1 can of chicken breast meat
  • 1/2 of a Gala apple, chopped into little cubes
  • 1/2 cup of grapes, sliced in half
  • 1/4 cup of walnut pieces
  • 1 container of Honey Oikos greek yogurt
  • freshly ground pepper
I had it for lunch on Tuesday over a bed of spinach:

I had to go to WF after work, and I was starving. I know that's a dangerous state to be in while grocery shopping, so I grabbed a Luna Bar to inhale while I picked up my stuff. This was a new flavor for me:

It was really tasty and I loved the hint of peppermint. It was as good as a cookie! I went to my training session at 7:30, then ran back to my house to meet my friend Santo. Santo is a fellow Blackberry user who recently ran over his phone with a golf cart. Nice job. I told him that I had an old Curve he could use in the meantime, and he was nice enough to bring me with Chickfila. This was going to be a special dinner, so I made sure I brought out the candle.
He brought my favorite salad, the Chargrilled Chicken & Fruit Salad, a Diet Lemonade (!!!)...and a lovely gift from his brother, Frankie. Frankie sells wine for a living, and thought it would be really nice to sent Santo over with one of his best wines. Really, it's a classy bottle. And pardon me for pronouncing it "Reunite"--Santo immediately corrected me saying, "No, no, Christina. It's ree-u-nee-tay." My bad.
This fine $5 Italian wine with an alcohol content of 8% will be saved for a very special occasion.


  1. i need to try that luna bar! it sounds delicious. also, i'm glad santo paid you with chickfila for letting him use your old bb. too funny.

  2. Chicken is yum. Eating some chicken tonight for dinner.

  3. Enjoyed your blog with a wonderful Chicken recipe. Would love to try it and see if it can be paired with Pinot. Hope it tastes well.

  4. You are so healthy it's ridiculous! When I go to Chickfila I have to get the waffle fries and a classic chicken sandwich. Although I LOVE their diet lemonade- I think it's better than regular! <3