Jan 2, 2012

2012 Is the Year I…

…run a half marathon. I mean why not? I may have short legs, but they are strong and will take me far. Hopefully 13.1 miles.

….read at least 12 books. One per month is not asking a lot. Why I still haven’t started this book, I’m not sure.

…use my camera more! And I don’t mean this one.IMAG1335

…have less stuff. Clutter drives me crazy and as mentally unstable as I am, I think less tangible goods will make life easier. I just called myself mentally unstable. Do you still love me?

…date more nerdy guys. I mean there is no way any not nerdy person can handle me so…ok, bring on the geeks. #geekchic

…be a better listener. I like, no love, giving advice, but should hone my listening skills. I want to start a column called Ask Xtina. But that sounds semi inappropriate, so let’s go with Ask Christina.

…eat less crap. I consume wayyyyyy too much sugar for my own good. Candy is fun but my teeth and waistline don’t appreciate it as much as my brain does.

…compliment people more. If I have a nice thought about a person, I’m just going to go all word vomit on them.

…be a better blogger! I love you guys. I do! So much. I’d marry my blog and all of you followers if that was legal.

…eat more pickles. Duh.