Dec 31, 2011

How To Have a Successful New Years Eve

1. Wear as much glitter, sparkles, or sequins that your body will allow. The shinier the better people. Get glowing!image

2. Drink champagne! Obviously this is the beverage of choice when the clock strikes midnight. Bubbly beverages = bubbly personalities, so start sipping!image

3. Sip SLOWLY! Do not overdo it just because you  may be at a party with an open bar. Do you want to drink like a classy individual or do you want to wake up feeling like crap? The choice is yours! My suggestion is to drink a glass of water between every adult beverage.image

4. Don’t forget your bar snacks! Having something in your stomach will help with the effects of the alcohol, both tonight and tomorrow. I recommend bringing a protein bar, banana, or a handful of nuts. Or cookies! You guys know I love my bar snacks.image

5. Be safe! Do not get behind the wheel. The wheel of a car, truck, boat, bicycle, or moped. Shoot, don’t even get on a skateboard. If Prince Charming shows up, maybe you can hop in his ride.image