Dec 1, 2011

Thoughts For Thursday

Woaahhh yes, sometimes I use my brain and…think.

1. Other than magazines, I have not picked up a book in over 2 weeks. I should be ashamed. Once I finished reading The Catcher In The Rye, I was kind of put off from reading serious literature. No, Breaking Dawn doesn’t count as serious literature. Someone convince me to start this:image

2. I really want to see this movie. It’s only playing in the theatre on James Island. That is like South Africa from Mt. Pleasant.

Here, watch the trailer. Then come pick me up and drive me to J.I.

3. I really dislike the cold. When it’s too cold at work, I am totally fine working like this. Yes, that is Edward on monitor 2 and yes I have 3 beverages. #beveragedivaIMAG0974

4. On the way to the gym on Tuesday, I realized I had forgotten my water bottle. Instead of spending $2 on a water at the gym, I felt it more appropriate to get a Diet Lemonade from Chick-fil-A. It is pretty much next door to my gym, so why not? IMAG1088

5. Last night I went to the Avondale Mellow Mushroom for movie night. Inside the menu I found Ashley’s dream man. Musclessssssssssss.IMAG1093

6. My beautiful friend Mary Grace sent me a link that just made my day. Pickle ornaments!!imageI already have Chick-fil-A ornaments, now I just need a beet ornament. Good heavens that would be an ugly tree.

7. I am psyched it’s December because it’s now socially acceptable for me to start wearing my mistletoe headband. DSC00005 - Copy

Bring on the Christmas parties!