Dec 12, 2011

Highlights From The Weekend

Friday: My best friend Nancy came over for dinner and some catch-up time. Catch up, not ketchup. Although now that I think of it, ketchup time sounds like a great idea. I made us spaghetti & meatballs and, of course, managed to make a mess. While reaching in the cabinet for the spaghetti, a couple other pastas went flying. DSC_0929

And then as I was walking back to my computer, I dropped the one I was going to use. Like what? I need to work on my motor skills. DSC_0934

Saturday: Now here’s one of the many reasons I love twitter. That morning, I tweeted:image A few minutes later: imageA few hours later:DSC00067Be careful what you tweet; you just might get it.

This is a bold statement, but Hall’s Chopshouse might have my 2 most favorite salads ever. I strongly urge you to try their Blackened Salmon Salad or their Beet Salad. That night, I went for the beets:image

Joe came out for a bit too, just long enough for me to take this rather romantical photo with him. DSC00069

And then Danielle and I went to like 75 different bars. Or just three. Surprisingly, the bar we stayed at the longest was O'Malley’s. Random as ever – college students live here -- but the people watching was impressive. I saw this girl who danced just like Snooki. In other words, I saw her underwear about 5 different times.

Sunday: Another one of my best friends, Nikki, had her baby on Friday! I went to go visit them in the hospital. She had the most beautiful baby boy! Meet baby Liam who was born weighing 8 pounds, 15 ounces! IMAG1156

He looks like our love child. But seriously, how cute is he?! I’m so excited and proud of Nikki & William.IMAG1152

While at the hospital, I realized that I am definitely not the only freakshow who carries around random food items in her purse. Nikki’s mom carries around a PEPPER GRINDER. IMAG1158When I asked her why, she said she puts it in her ketchup. No joke, the woman grinded (ground?) up some pepper right into her ketchup. She says she can’t eat ketchup without it. I tried and it is really good.

What weird food items do you need to carry around with you? I almost always have a snack, but used to carry around a bottle of cinnamon. I know my beautiful friend Katie carries around salad dressing. Smile 

Ketchup: love it or hate it? Weirdest thing you put it on? You guys know I love the Chick-fil-A ketchup.