Dec 22, 2011

Pure Barre Charleston and a Blogger Meet Up!

Twitter is constantly making me happy. Reason #298529875: The owner of Pure Barre Charleston recently discovered my blog via my friend Danielle, who happens to be one of her instructors. Jen offered to let me try some classes at her studio, so Wednesday evening, I stopped by.

Pure Barre is located to the left of Whole Foods in the Houston Northcutt shopping plaza in Mt. Pleasant.  The studio is very sleek and has good energy. Upon walking in, I was immediately greeted by Danielle, Jen (the owner), and Margaret (who would was teaching the next class). Everyone was so friendly and I instantly felt comfortable. I think this is very important in new fitness situations.

The Pure Barre workout “utilizes the ballet barre to perform small isometric movements set to motivating music.” These movements, which Margaret kept calling “tiny,” really are just that. I noticed that I paid much more attention to the individual muscles as I worked on them rather than just letting my body flail around. The workout targets the abs, hips, thighs, back of the arm, and seat. Each area is worked until fatigued and then stretched .With that said, each muscle group was on fiiiiiiiiiire and stretching them felt so good.

Margaret was an excellent instructor. She was very motivating and cheerful. I appreciated her coming over several times to improve my form. Proper form during a workout is key to maximizing your results.

In a nutshell:

  • Pure Barre provides a great full-body workout that is sure to strengthen and tone females’ problematic areas.
  • The staff was very welcoming.
  • The music was up-to-date and fun, but just a tad loud.
  • All the equipment we used (dumbbells, mats, balls, and double tubing) were brand new.
  • To clean up, they use disposable wipes rather than spray & rags – this made me so happy.

For more information see Pure Barre’s:

Huge thanks to Jen, Margaret, and Danielle for inviting me in. I had such a good time. Charleston friends: if you’re interested in taking a Pure Barre class, I have a pass for you! Tweet me or email me at christina orso at gmail dot com if you’re interested.

In blogger news, I met Sierra from Posh Meets Pavement on Monday! We met for drinks and dinner at Hall’s Chophouse. After reading her blog for several months, it was great to meet in real life and just chat! We had so much to talk about and I wish she lived here so we could hang out more. Maybe I need to vacation in South Africa… ;)

We both had a glass of red wine and my favorite salad, but I added beets. I’ll tell you again and again that their Blackened Salmon Salad is one of my favorite salads ever. It has sliced pears, oranges, buttermilk blue cheese, candied pecans, and white balsamic dressing. Although this picture does not do it justice, here’s photo from earlier this summer. IMAG0769

After dinner we snapped a photo in front of the Christmas tree. How bad is it that Amanda and I took the same photo less than a week ago? #hallsobsessedDSC00121

What new fitness classes have you taken recently?

Who’s your favorite blogger that you’ve met in real life? (Btw: blogger + friend = blend)