Jan 18, 2012

What I’m Loving Wednesday

1. The responses to the 2012 Valentine’s Day Blogger Swap. So far, 34 of you have signed up, including 3 guys!  (Good ones, I promise.) I’m even more excited about all the new readers I’m hearing from. Please don’t be shy  --  comment more! SmileIt’s very appreciated.

2. New (to me) classes at ESAC.  Since my knee injury last week, I’ve been forced into low intensity workouts. This kills me a little inside, but has forced me into trying different classes. I went to another yoga class and actually enjoyed it for once. I still laugh when everyone says ohmmmmm though. I mean what is that!? I feel like everyone is competing to see who can go the longest. I also went to a different teacher’s pilates class and loved it. Tracy @ ESAC is hilarious and offers a challenging class.

I also found a good article on Fit Sugar on how to keep knee pain away. Perfect timing. My best friend:

3. As if I needed another magazine subscription, I received my first issue of Prevention. This smaller-sized magazine is packed with information on health, nutrition, fitness, and more. I really like it. My first issue contained a fun recipe for Parsnip Beet Sauce With Ravioli. DESTINY.

4. This Kashi bar is delicious. They weren't kidding when they named it a Crunchy Bar. kashi

Speaking of bars, the Luna Peanut Honey Pretzel has been added to my top Luna Bars. If only it had chocolate was an ingredient…

5. I tried this hat on as a joke. A week later I went back to Target and bought it. $3 to look like a nut? Sure, why not. At least my brain won’t freeze in NYC next month.IMAG1471-1


You can say me, I won’t be mad. Winking smile