Aug 16, 2012

A Fitness Survey

Thanks for the survey, Sara!

1. Run/workout in the heat and humidity or freezing cold temps and snow?
While the sound of both of those makes me ill, I’d probably choose the heat. I prefer to wear as little clothing as possible when I run so bundling up to exercise sounds awful. Running in the rain is really cool though. Liberating!

2. Washboard abs or flat abs?
On whom? Me? Flat is fine. I think I have a 2-pack. Ha. On men? Washboard abs are okay, but if it’s too sculpted, it’s gross. Again, flat is fine. Chest muscles > abs.

3. Dr. Oz or The Doctors?
Does Dr. Oz know everything? I think he does. I’d probably obey anything he told me to do.

4. Cardio or strength?
Both! I go through phases when I despise cardio (think July, August). For the most part, I know it’s good for me, but strength training is just as important. I’d MUCH rather be fit and toned than thin and frail. I’m not saying that cardio makes you thin and frail, but I get no upper body definition from running.

5. Cravings: Protein or carbs?
I rarely crave protein – hopefully because I get enough. Who doesn’t crave carbs? I could sit around and eat pita chips, crackers, and bread for hours. Pasta bores me though.

6. Jillian Michaels or Bob Harper?
I really don’t pay attention to either of them. But hey, they have nice bodies. So does this guy, just saying.

Side note: That was not the first time I have googled “Zac Efron shirtless”.

7. Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream?
I like both equally. Froyo is a guiltless option, but ice cream is more fun to indulge in.  I can’t get enough of Chick-fil-A’s IceDream. Remember the time I got to ride in the Chick-fil-A car with ice cream? Still cracks me up.

8. To train: Upper body or Lower body?
Upper body.

9. Protein powder or food with protein?
Food with protein, for sure.

10. Lunges or squats?
Squats. I hate lunges. But not as much as I hate burpees.

11. Sweet or salty?
I like both of these equally too. I especially love the combo. I could eat a hundred of these:

12. Workout attire: cute or comfy?
I’d much rather be comfy than cute, but I’ve never bought anything that I didn’t consider cute. Thanks, Target. 

13. Body Pump or Heavy lifting?
I enjoy strength training on my own. I really dislike Body Pump.  I feel like I can get so much more done by myself and don’t have to listen to that awful music.

14. Yoga or Pilates?
Yoga is not for me. I don’t have the attention span for it, I can’t relax, and I don’t get anything out of it. I know a lot of people get so much from it, and that’s great. Pilates can be a nice change-up from my regular routine, but I’d prefer other classes first. 

15. Nike or Adidas?
I don’t own anything by either. I wear Asics sneakers. 

16. Running on the treadmill or outdoors?
Both. Running outdoors is much more entertaining, obviously. And SO much more relaxing. 

17. Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s?
Ever since our Trader Joe’s opened, I rarely go to Whole Foods. There are staples that I like at TJ’s and I love trying their new products. Amanda and I were pretty psyched when it opened last Summer.[VIDEO0004%255B4%255D.jpg]

18. Summer or Winter Olympics?
Summer! Gymnastics! Ice skating is pretty fun to watch though. 

19. Exercise classes or Exercise videos?

20. Steamed veggies or roasted veggies?
Roasted! Beets!