Oct 14, 2012

Weekend Happenings

Friday: Amanda and I got dinner and then went downtown for some much-needed cocktails. It was a long week! We ran into my friends Moe and Sebastian at Star’s, and the four of us made moves to LIFE, another new bar on King that we really like. It looks like Space Mountain inside and every time we go, we meet some really interesting individuals.photo 1

Saturday: I decided a while back that I needed to completely redecorate my bedroom. As much as I love the color green, I was over it for the boudoir. Using this as inspiration…photo 4

Amanda and I headed to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to make some purchases. I was in the market for a new comforter, so I “tested” out a few. Can’t make any rash decisions on beddings, you guys.photo 3

We shopped until we dropped and I got some great deals. I completed bought new bedding, completed a DIY project,  and painted one of the walls grey. This is what 8 hours of sleep + coffee do to me. I felt so productive. Here’s a sneak peak -- I’ll reveal more when I’m done!photo 1 (2)

That night, Boding, Danielle, and I went out to um, have some more cocktails and do our famous pose. Yes, we went back to LIFE. The lights, they draw you in.photo

At one of the bars we ventured to (Midtown, ew, what were we thinking?), Danielle noticed there was a girl with a very similar outfit on. Then we noticed she was standing with her Asian bestie. Double set of twins. photo 5 (1)

Doesn’t that guy look like Harold from Harold & Kumar?! Or just annoyed to be taking that picture? Ha.

Our final stop was Oku, for a dance session. Danielle had a moment on the dance floor. Is this not hysterical? She was really feeling the music.photo 1 (3)

Sunday: Danielle and I went to brunch at Puree. We’ve been eating here a lot lately; I am going to do a full review this week! I had a big juice of beets, apple, kale, and mango and The scrambler:  a burrito with cheese, tomatoes, kale, sweet & Yukon gold potatoes. Loved it.photo 2 (3)

As I was trying to pour the rest of my juice in a to-go cup, I knocked it over and made a huge mess. So typical. Good thing the owner, Jenan, is super sweet and laughed it off. I am a wreck.photo 3 (1)

After brunch settled, Amanda and I met up for a run through I’On and around Shem Creek. It was so hot, we were dehydrated from the night before, and my stomach felt wonky. Somehow we managed 5 miles. photo (1)

Now I’m all settled in my soft, new sheets and comforter and off to do the crossword in my New York magazine. Stay nerdy my friends. XO!