May 14, 2012

I Just Blogged. To Say. I Love You.

All you readers make my day.

Ok, maybe not the token creeps/haters.

But 99.9% of you are awesome. Every comment, email, tweet, or facebook message makes me smile. Huge!

I love how you guys think of me for the most random things: Chick-fil-A, pickles, beets, flirting, hula hoops. The list goes on. In today’s post, I want to share some things that have recently made me smile…brought on by YOU!

Rachel tweeted a picture of the Chickpea & Zucchini patties. I love seeing my recipes in someone else’s kitchen:image_thumb2

Sarah, who I actually got to meet after the i5K race made me smile with this:image_thumb2[1]

Cheers to my wine pal, Sierra, for finding me some recovery shots:image_thumb3

The day I considered not writing The Friday Five posts anymore, Molly put me in check: image_thumb4

Based on my eating habits, Ryan thinks I should start another blog:image_thumb5

If it weren’t for Danielle, I wouldn’t have known about this delicious beet juice at Whole Foods:image_thumb6

I swear that with this little blog, I’ve convinced thousands to eat more Chick-fil-A. image_thumb7image_thumb13image_thumb17

Alex, a night at Chick-fil-A is always classy.image_thumb24

When I briefly went pescatarian:image_thumb14image_thumb12

And as gross as they are, some of you are okay that I’m obsessed with pickles!image_thumb11image_thumb15image_thumb16image_thumb23

And this one. Oh, Ashley. This was one of my most favorite tweets EVER.image_thumb26

But you topped them ALL with this one. Reading my blog and eating Chick-fil-a? Unbelievably awesome.image_thumb28

You guys have even alerted me to lookalikes! Crazy!image_thumb20


Thanks to all of YOU, I’m constantly inspired to continue blogging. There have been so many days that I’ve contemplated taking a “break”, but without fail, one of YOU kicks me back into it.