May 2, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

1. I almost always prefer red wine, but when I picked up some cod  from Trader Joe’s, I opted for a bottle of white. Per the recommendation of a staff member, I went home with this white blend.

I love the name, I love the label, I love the taste. Oh, and the price? $4.99. Not a joke. I drank a glass while cooking and then used it to make a sauce for my fish.

2. While at Trader Joe’s, I got chummy with my 2 favorite bag boys. They love that I’m incapable of making a grocery list and end up in the store 3x a week. Hey, it’s on the way home from Pure Barre, so I’m not wasting gas. As they were ringing me up, I asked about their favor products. They brought over a jar of Cookie Butter, opened it, and handed me a fork right there at the register. I love them. IMAG2321-1-1

Oh, and this butter? It’s candy in a jar. Absolutely terrible for you, but delicious.

3. Geek Sugar posted a slideshow on Geeky Wedding Venues. The library was one of them.

Picture it. I’ll slide down the aisle on one of those awesome book ladders. You’re all invited.

4. One of my favorite bloggers, Holly, just announced that she’s pregnant! I’m so excited for her and Craig. This couple is going to make the sweetest blue-eyed babies!

5. As much as I think about moving away from Charleston (I’ve lived here for 15 yrs.!), I’m often reminded how beautiful this city is.IMAG2291

6. I’ve been to the beach twice already. I was pretty excited to use my new towel.IMAG2272

7. I hate the number 6, so I’m writing a 7th thought to tell you how much I LOVE YOU for reading!! Thank you!!