May 8, 2012

Sunday Funday: Brittlebank Brunch in the Park

I’m aware it’s Tuesday. I’m a couple days late. Things were happening! No time to blog. Who am I?

Sunday was an afternoon of sunshine, friends, music, and food trucks at the  Brunch on Brittlebank Park.  DSC_0225IMAG2351 (1)

Our first snack was gator bites with a honey chipotle sauce from Carolina Creole Food Truck. Mmm. IMAG2343

We later stopped by the Roti Rolls food truck. IMAG2345

I took way, WAY too long to try their food. It is damn good. No wonder they won the CCP award for Best Food Truck. IMAG2344

Recognize that plaque? Winking smile

Boding got the Korean tacos with braised beef, citrus slaw, kimchi, and rice. Amazing.IMAG2346

I had the Mother Clucker, an incredibly delicious roll full of Korean BBQ grilled chicken, arugula, and kimchi topped with pimento cheese.IMAG2348

Woah. Unbelievable flavors. I’d eat one every day and be a happy girl. Roti Rolls, can you PLEASE roll up to my house? Every evening around 7pm? Please and thank you.

After the brunch party, we stopped by The Macintosh (favorite bar!) for some more fun. I love this bar, because the bartenders really get to know you and remember what you like in a drink. They’re all so creative, and when they have time, they’ll make you a unique cocktail! Jackson made me a spicy drink  with tequila, lime juice, mint and habañero St. Germain.

I also had the Gin Gin Juice (gin, grapefruit, mint ginger syrup). Both were excellent.

You know what else Jackson happily gave me? A plate of their homemade pickles. Get some if you go! They won’t look at you weird, I promise. Just tell them Christina told you to ask.IMAG2358 (1)

On Monday morning, Boding alerted me to a Post & Courier article on the brunch in the park. At one point a P&C writer came over to our group to talk about the event.  image

I almost died. Did they really quote that?

The best part is that I realized I may or may not be the only person in America that uses the term “babes” for men. I had no idea most people considered babes to be females! I like men, darn it! Oh well. It made everyone laugh.

Hope you’re all having a great week!