Jun 25, 2012

On Running

Last weekend, I couldn’t fathom staying inside to work out. Despite the scorching temperatures, an outdoor run was absolutely necessary. I laced up my sneakers, filled up my water bottle, and drove to I’On, a beautiful neighborhood in Mt. Pleasant where Amanda and I like to run.IMAG2767

I parked by one of the ponds, put on my new workout playlist, and started to run.IMAG2768

One of the greatest parts of running, aside from it being exercise, is that you forget your troubles and notice things you had no idea you were looking for. Like beautiful trees and freshly cut green grass.IMAG2771

Calm, blue waters surrounded by gorgeous houses.IMAG2773

Little reminders to push through – you’ve got this!IMAG2776

Reminders why you started running in the first place – to eat more chocolate.IMAG2777

That little restaurant you always forget about? You should go back. They make a great beet sandwich. IMAG2778IMAG2779

Sometimes you’re reminded of your family. You should call them and tell them you love them! (Little brother’s name –>)IMAG2781

That the grass is not always greener on the other side. You absolutely love your life.IMAG2786

And to just breathe and enjoy every minute of this one precious life.IMAG2790