Jun 20, 2012

What I’m Loving Wednesday

1. On my desk Tuesday morning, my coworker  left me this pin:IMAG2703

It’s perfect for me. Thanks Elizabeth!

2. These sandals I bought from Lulu’s.zebra

3. You can now buy ketchup in a pouch. This seems like a great way to always have a massive amount of ketchup stashed in my purse. Or have a disaster in my purse.IMAG2678

4. There are Uncrustables imposters at Wal-Mart! What! I wonder how they compare to the real deal. But who cares? My Cut ‘N Seal pocket sandwich maker arrived today, so I’ll be making plenty of my own Uncrustables imposters.IMAG2682

5. As of Monday, I have a new car: a 2010 Honda Accord. My first car was a stick shift, and I’ve missed it ever since. I discovered today that it is impossible to drive a manual in wedges, so I found my shoes a seat.IMAG2731

6. My birthday is in 10 days. This picture is from 22 years ago. Holy crud.bday

7. My friend Kinsey, is the pastry chef for The Indigo Road restaurant group (Oak, O-Ku, The Cocktail Club, and The Macintosh). For my birthday, she’s making me a Carrot Cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting and toasted pecans. I CANNOT wait.

Did you just drool too?