Jun 19, 2012

The Hungry and The Healthy

I didn’t blog yesterday and I feel like it’s been days. I guess it has been since Friday that I published a post, but daaaaamn, when I break from my routine I’m all sorts of confused. I’m back!


Saturday morning, I woke up and immediately went to CVS. The Girl Scouts candy made it to SC…and into my mouth! A few of us sampled all three bars.


  • Caramel & Coconut – This was my favorite! It tasted very similar to the Samoa cookie but crunchier.
  • Peanut Butter Crème – This one disappointed all three of us. It wasn’t bad, just not peanut buttery enough.
  • Thin Mints – This one tastes exactly like the cookie. Other than the shape, there's no difference.

Are they worth the $4.99/box price tag? No. Was the hunt to find and try them worth it? Yes. I’m a chica on a mission when it comes to new food finds.


This workout will get you sweating like a madwoman! Or madman, whichever you are, dear reader of mine. Pinned Image

After posting that I use Spotify, some of you requested a list of music I listen to at the gym. Here’s my most recent playlist. It’s pop heavy, which is just fine for workouts.


If you also use Spotify, I can share my playlists with you! Search for me. Christina Orso is my name in case you forgot. ;)

Have you tried the Girl Scouts crunch bars yet? Thoughts?

What’s your exercise move? I love pushups, cartwheels, and hula hooping.

What’s song gets you going in the gym? “Shake It Out” is my current favorite.